Books, glorious books!

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Ah, books, great things, though, one must look out the window, at the un-obvious once in a while, for if you fill your head with books, some of your creativeness is likeley to slip out.

Submitted: December 05, 2007

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Submitted: December 05, 2007




Curious eyes fall upon the crunched up-trees,

As limitless information they’re young eyes see,

Fill thyself mind with information if you must,

But information, you cant always trust.

For if one fills his head with hundreds of books,

Fantasies, Poems, Ect, but they don’t look.

For one sha'nt find true knowledge from simple paper,

But rather,

The curious minds will find out later.

Head gets smart, brain gets dumb,

As the saying goes,

For to fill ones self with knowledge,

Anyone knows,

That experience is what matters, not text in books,

For few people glance out, and look,

At what the world has to offer, the vastness,


They forget to look out through the window,

And their minds become filled with propaganda.

One mustglance at the world today and look,

Instead of filling their heads with books.

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