Short Battle practice scenes

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Some practice battle scenes, PG for slightly gory writeing.

Submitted: January 31, 2008

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Submitted: January 31, 2008



The shadows of the two, black hooded assassins loomed over me, drawing their silver scimitars with odd inscriptions in them, I noticed the detail and craftsmanship of these items, I had no time to admire their beauty, however, as it flashed through the air, slicing the top of my hat as a ducked, the blade made a scar in the tree, splinters flew as the tree almost groaned, the second blade flew towards me, being cornered, I had no choice but to take a gamble and dive after the running assassin’s legs, trying to tackle him to the floor for a chance for me to get away, I leaped and managed to stumble him, making some space between me and the other assassin, giving me the chance to dodge the wild slash that came from his sword, getting up I bolted and ran, only to find myself cornered by thick bush, I readied my fist, having no other choice, one of them flung at me, I managed to grab his blade in-between my hands and wrest it out of his grip so ferociously it snapped his wrist, he fell to the ground, crying with pain, I readied the scimitar as the other one slashed at me, I managed to side-step out of the way, tripping him over, sending his weapon flying into a nearby tree, I rushed over and grabbed it, the assassin got up and pulled a dagger from his belt, we circled around each other, he lunged, I ducked under him and sent my sword slicing through his stomach like butter, he cried out as his innards fell with him, I turned to the other assassin, he got up, still whimpering from his broken wrist and threw a throwing knife from his belt, I leaped out of the way and let my blade fly from my hand, it shimmered through the air and neatly severed his head, his body falling to the ground with a thump.


I ran on my heart pounding, my throat dry I came to the top of the hill and doubled over my breath coming in ragged gasps, I couldn’t go any further, I could see his shadow next to mine, I looked back and saw his face, completely insane, waving his axe in the air, I turned to face him and dodged a vicious swipe, I brought my foot into his stomach as he tried to wrestle his axe from the ground, he staggered back, and I proceeded to get in a couple of blows with my fists, then I did a roundhouse kick, staggering him to the edge of the snow-covered mountain, I threw one mighty blow and he toppled off the cliff, screaming as he fell to the ground below.


He walked down the alley coming straight toward me without knowing it. I slid my knife from it’s sheathe and leapt out to meet him, he smiled and laughed, in his eyes I could see a need for blood I never seen before, then I saw his pointed teeth lunging at me and I just managed to leap out of the way, he regained balance and I readied my knife, he lunged his blade at me, I deflected the blow out of the way with my dagger I  bought it up against his shoulder, making a deep wound, yet no blood poured from it, its no doubt this person was a vampire, and one who hadn’t feasted for days, he brought  his sword up at me and I narrowly jumped out of the way and proceeded to bring my dagger down, making a huge cut in his chest, I kicked him, staggering him back and disarming him, toppling him to the floor, lifting his hood I recognized his face as my own, and I woke up screaming, looking at the mirror at the end of my bed I saw my pale colored eyes, and the large fangs that came from my teeth, I shivered as a cold wind passed through my room.

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