Family Values Part 1

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I've been reading alot of romance novels,so i decided to try writing one.This is only part 1.
I hope you enjoy!

Submitted: August 30, 2012

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Submitted: August 30, 2012




It was a great day for a takeover, Andrew thought to himself. He had been sitting on his balcony, eating his breakfast and had begun to skim through the daily news. Nothing of interest as usual he thought to himself, just some petty gossip and scandals. He got up from his chair, and walked towards the glass sliding door, which lead into an extravagant penthouse. He then pushed the glass sliding door open. And began stalking towards the main entrance, grabbed his coat. And continued walking straight out the held open door, then abruptly coming to a stop, and pressing the down button for the elevator.


He took a step on to the elevator and pressed the button designated for the lobby. He began to recall all of his agenda that helped him stay on task. This was one of his good points, which helped him surpass the power, and control that his father once had. He was also one of New York's most eligible bachelors. He knew that if his mother was alive that she would have despised the fact that her only son was so alone. His mother always had believed that out there was one person who was perfect for another. As the elevator door opened, Andrew began to remember that one woman. The woman who made him almost shed tears, the one who he thought he could give his heart to. However, he was wrong; she was just like the rest of them. Just hungry for his money and the social status that came with dating a billionaire. Nevertheless, that was a year ago, and he knew alot better now. No one could be trusted with his fragile heart, no one!



Kaia rolled over in her queen-size bed, so that she could see her alarm clock. It was one minute to seven, and Rayna would soon be waking up. Kaia got up out of her bed walking out the door and began to head down the hall towards Rayna's room. She stopped at the door, placing her hand on the doorknob. She was waiting to hear if Rayna was fiddling about in her crib. Kaia then turned the knob and slowly strolled into the baby's room towards the crib. Rayna began to fidget when she saw her mother, so Kaia gently picked her, and cradled Rayna in her arms.

"Hi, sweetheart" Kaia said as she began to kiss Rayna's forehead "How about we go for a stroll in the park, but first we need to stop at the bakery. An see how Anna and Raymond are doing, okay? Well, I think you are due for a nice warm bottle, and a bath. How does that all sound? Nice, right?" Kaia said to the smiling baby she held in her arms.

She then started out of the room to the bathroom across the hall. Giving the door a small kick, the door gave way and granted her access. She then placed Rayna on the changing table, and began to undress her. Rayna was beginning to squirm, so Kaia picked her up and began to run warm water into the tub. Kaia thoroughly clean every spec of Rayna pudgy body, so she let the water out and picked Rayne out of the tub. Then grabbed a clean pink towel, from the shelf, and wrapped Rayna in it. She then laid Rayna back on the changing table and began to dry her thoroughly. As Kaia looked down to see her bundle of joy kicking and smiling, she could not help but remember that one person. Better yet, the father Rayna would never know. Andrew Walker III



As Andrew stepped out of the elevator, all his thought were suddenly pushed aside. As he tried to understand, what the temporary assistant was talking about.

“Mr. Walker, did you hear me? Is everything all right? Are you not…” She stated

“Sorry, Alana, I was thinking about something. Now what were you saying?” He replied, waving his hand in an apologetic way  

“Your appointment for 8 o’clock had to be pushed back, due to the fact that the head of personnel’s, at Cane Industries, wife went into labor early this morning. So the meeting was pushed back until 10 or as soon as he is available.”  She said

“Alright, can you head over to the office and grab me some of the employee files from Cane Industries. They are on my desk, and we can meet up at that café down on West Elm Street.” He answered

“Okay, I will get right on that for you, See you soon” She said as she headed toward the front door.

Andrew could not help himself, how could he not go a day no an hour without looking at Alana’s body. She definitely was something to look at, but so where most of the woman who had thrown themselves at him. Moreover, she would be no different. Snapping out of his trance, Andrew walked out the front door, and greeted Edwin the valet who was reading the newspaper.

“Good Morning, Edwin, Can you get the…” Andrew stated

“Good Morning Mr. Walker,” Edwin interrupted “I got your Mercedes for you, its right over there.” Edwin, pointed his finger to a silver convertible “Here are the keys,” Edwin pushed some keys into Andrew’s hand, “Have a great day, Mr. Walker”

“Thanks Edwin!” Andrew blurted over his shoulder as he began to walk towards the car.

“No problem, just doing my job” Edwin replied and continued to read his newspaper.

Andrew unlocked the car, got in, put the keys in the ignition, and started the car up. Then he turned on the radio, pushed the button to put the soft top down, and he was ready to go.



“Okay, Rayna, Mommy needs some time to get ready.” Kaia said to the gurgling baby in the bouncy seat.

The doorbell rang, Kaia jumped up to head toward the front door.

“Who is it?” Kaia said loudly

“It’s the big bad wolf, here to blow your house down.”

“Oh, NO!” Kaia said trying to hide her laughter. When she opened the door, Anna was standing there waiting.

“Well it’s about damn time you opened the door,” Anna said to Kaia 

“Well hello to you too, and stop cursing. Rayna is right there.”Kaia said directing her finger toward the little gurgling baby happily bouncing in her seat.

“Aw, look at her she is gorgeous,” Anna replied, and then quickly shot a look at Kaia.” You on the other hand, ain’t looking so hot.”

“Well thanks, hey, can you watch her for awhile? I need to take a shower and get dressed.” Kaia blurted over shoulder as she walked towards the bathroom once again.

“Definitely” Anna remarked

Kaia walked into the bathroom, turned the shower on and started to undress. She then stepped into the warm water, which felt great against her hot caramel colored skin. Kaia began to wash, then rinse, and began to work shampoo into her long thick soft black hair. After stepping out the shower Kaia felt relief come upon her, she quickly grabbed a big blue towel from another shelve. She quickly dried off, and began to blow dry her hair. As soon as her hair was dry, Kaia grabbed a hair tie from the sink counter and pulled her hair into a ponytail. She then glided quietly out the bathroom toward her bedroom, and shut the door.

She walked over to her dresser, grabbed some underwear and a bra, and quickly secured them on her body. Kaia then strolled over to her closet, and pulled a pair of old navy skinny jeans off a hanger. She slid them on, fastening the button, and began her search for a shirt. She finally decided on a blue and white plaid boy friend shirt, she buttoned it, and then picked up the comb off her dresser. She pulled the hair tie out and started to comb through her lovely hair, after a while she decided to just place in a messy bun. Kaia, then pulled out a pair of Steve Madden black wedges, than slipped her dainty foot into them. Kaia strolled out the door towards where she had left Anna and Rayna in the living room.

“WOW!” Anna exclaimed

Now that is the Kaia I know, welcome back sexy.” Anna said

Kaia and Anna giggled, while Rayna just smiled a toothless grin at them both.

“Okay, now we are ready to go.” Kaia said

“Where to?” Anna replied  

“Well, I wanted to see how things were going at the café, so we were going to stop by. Then head to park, and probably grab some lunch.” Kaia stated

“Oh, well mind if I join? Today is my day off, and I have nothing really to do.”Anna said

“Sure, let’s go. Can you grab the diaper bag off the table?” Kaia replied, she then swooped down and lifted Rayna right out of her seat and into her arms.

“Okay,” Anna said and walked to the table and grabbed the straps of the diaper bag. “Whoa! What do you have in this thing, rocks?” Anna asked

Kaia busted out laughing

“Yeah right, now you see how I feel when I have to carry that bag and Rayna.”

Kaia stated as held Rayna in one hand and grabbed her keys and purse off the banister with the other.

“Here” Anna said as she opened the door.

Kaia unlocked her Toyota Solara, strolled over to the door, and opened it. She placed Rayna in her car seat, buckled her in, and gave her some toys. While Anna shoved the diaper bag in-between her feet, buckled her seat belt, and waited patiently for Kaia to finish. Kaia then shut the back door, and opened the driver side door, got in, and started the car up. She placed her purse on Anna’s lap, turned the radio on, and slowly began to back out of her driveway. The car ride to the cafe was quiet just the music from the radio played. As they reached their destination, they noticed a silver Mercedes that was idling in the lot.

"Oh my gosh, please tell me, that I just won that car and whatever is inside of it." Anna stated

Kaia and Anna began laughing, Kaia then pulled in to a parking spot. She turned off the car and grabbed the keys from the ignition, and put them in her purse.

"Carry my purse for me; I’ll grab the stroller from the trunk." Kaia said to Anna

Anna grabbed the purse and began to check herself. Kaia opened her door pulled the trunk latch, got out of the car ,then shut her door, and began walking to the trunk, she grabbed Rayna's stroller. And began to set it up, she then pushed the stroller to the car door. Opened the door and unbuckled Rayna, picked her up and put her in the stroller, then shut the car door.

"Anna, come on," Kaia said, pushing the stroller away from the car.

Anna opened the door and got out, then shut the door, pressed the lock button, and walked over to wear Kaia and Rayna were waiting. They began walking towards the entrance of the cafe, passing the silver Mercedes. Anna then walked ahead and opened the door, letting Kaia and Rayna enter first, and then walked in shutting the door behind her. The café used to be the family bakery, but after renovations, it became Sirèt Café. As her eyes glanced over the walls, that were painted a sky blue. She smiled in awe, she felt accomplished and proud to own and run the place.

"Hey" a man said from behind the cash register

"Raymond" Kaia said

Raymond came from behind the counter, and embraced her.

"How are you? Aw, look at that precious bundle of joy." Raymond said, then he leaned down an looked at Rayna

 "Hi sweetie" Raymond said to Rayna

Rayna just smiled at him, and then suddenly Kaia felt herself being pushed forward.

"HEY, watch it" Anna said

Taking the words right out of Kaia's mouth, and they all turned around to see the culprit of the shove.

"Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention," said a deep familiar husky voice


Was the only thing Kaia could say now, her mouth had gone dry. With the realization that she could no longer keep her daughter and that horrid, romance a secret.


Andrew got to the cafe earlier than expected, so he let his car idle. Pressed the button to put the top back up, and then leaned his chair back. Behind him, a car had just been parked. Two women came out of the car; Andrew poked his head up when they walked past the car.


The woman pushing the stroller had a body, an hourglass figure, and her clothing complimented that fact, Andrew thought to himself. He closed his eyes for just a minute then he felt his phone vibrate. He pulled it out of his pocket and accepted the call, then placed it to his ear.

"Yes?" He answered

"Where are you, Mr. Walker?" Alana responded

“Alana, I’ll meet you by the entrance, okay?” Andrew replied

“Alright” Alana said back, and then hung up. Andrew pulled the keys out of the ignition, and shoved his phone and keys into his pocket.

He then pulled his seat back to its rightful position, opened the car door and got out. Andrew began to head toward the entrance, and standing by the door was Alana. He continued to walk opened the door and Alana followed. Why couldn’t he find a woman like his brother had? His eldest brother, Kairi, was married and his wife was expecting child. Well at least he was not alone; he thought to himself, Rio and Jacob were also single. Not that it mattered the two of them were just as notorious players like him. The only chance of him ever getting married was to that woman, but she didn’t matter anymore. Anyway, he did not have time for romance.

Suddenly his thoughts were brought to halt; he had walked into someone that was standing in the middle of the café.

"HEY, watch it" the woman carrying a diaper bag said, and then they all turned to face me.

"Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention," I replied

And there she was that woman, Kaia McKenzie, the woman who broke my heart into tiny pieces. Was that very same woman who I had been checking out earlier today, and all she could say was “Andrew?”




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