Diary. (Challenge for Bellz)

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Challenge for Bellz!

Maleah loves her family, friends, and where she lives.
Her father is in the Navy in England, but will she see him for much longer? Or will she be forced out?

Submitted: August 01, 2009

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Submitted: August 01, 2009



March 12th, 2012...

Dear Diary,

Danny and I are going to hang out at the railroad tracks, and the beach with Nora for my fourteenth birthday today. Okay well, I'll write later, bye.

I shut my purple diary and went to rifle through my drawers. I picked out my favorite green cami and a pair of shorts, after I put my palm tree bikini on. I went over next to my blue and dark-green bed and picked up my locket inside of the conch shell that I'd found last year at the beach. I slipped the locket that had the oceans' picture in it and walked to where my brushed was. I picked it up and let the bristles run through my thin straight black hair. I set it down once I was done and started to walk down our red carpeted stairs.

I went into our granite kitchen and grabbed a fruit from the basket. I bit into it and found out it was actually fake.

"Mum, you really shouldn't put these in here," I laughed.

"Sorry dear, but you really shouldn't bite them," she pointed at me.

"Where's Dad?" I looked through the glass window where he was usually sitting in his chair.

"Honey, he's not home yet," she went on, "there have been threats to attack here, so he went back, he cannot leave until they say he can go," she informed me.

My dad was a world famous actor, but that never was his dream, he always wanted to be in the Navy, and he got his wish, he is currently In England for training, but he didn't want to endanger my mum and I. After we moved to only the nicest and richest place on earth, he went into the Navy. My mum and I are living in one of the biggest beach houses I've ever seen, in Dubai. We've been living here for five years.

It wasn't all bad, besides leaving my friends behind, I had made new ones here, and I still sent posts to my old ones. My dad would write to me too, and of course I'd always as when he'd be coming home next. He'd just respond 'when I can' but that was enough for me. Just to know he would be coming home is great. 

I looked back to my mum but she disappeared. I turned around in a circle until I almost knocked my mum's scrawny little 5'0" body over. Her dyed-brown hair whipped around as she grinned huge.

"Happy birthday!" she jumped, handing me something.

"What is it?" I asked.

"No no no!" she snatched it back, "wait to your father gets home,"

"Okay that's fine. Mum... Nora, Danny and I are going to hang out, is that okay?" I hoped she wouldn't mind.

"Course'," she replied.

"Great! Just call me when he gets here, we'll be close," I said as I grabbed my bag and went out the door.

I closed the door from behind me and took out a rubber band, it was broiling hot today. I whipped it up into a ponytail and stroked my fingers through it. I walked down my drive way and turned the corner to see Nora's always smiling face and illuminating blue eyes looking at me. Danny was next to her with his buzzed blonde hair and tan face looking at me smiling also. Nora was wearing her normal

"Hey, hey" Nora lingered on the 'ey'.

"Heya," my voice cracked and went up an octive.

"Happy birthday!" Nora and Danny said at the same time.

"Aw, thanks guy," I smiled.

"C'mon, let us go!" Danny said creepily.

Nora and I looked at him, he just shrugged. We laughed and then started to walk.

I looked around at the beautiful people and places, recognizing that over the years Dubai has changed alot. it used to be Arabic, the language, or accents some probably couldn't understand. I noticed that it was very diverse now, there were all types of people that lived here. People from England, Australia, Jamaica, United States, and so on. The only thing is that most people had to be billionaires to live here, and another element I noticed was the very very rich people weren't always friendly in movies and such, but Dubai makes every one of those movies seem ridiculous. Everyone here was friendly!

We walked down the only road here that wasn't owned by anyone. . .yet. And, unchanged, there was our railroad track. Nora ran to one side of it as I did the same; we walked on the wooden tracks until the end of them.

"Hurry up Danny!" Nora screamed in her warming British voice.

He sighed and started to run full speed at us.

Nora grabbed my arm and threw me towards him. I fell with a thud and she stopped. She came to my side as I was curled up on the wooden boards; she reached her hand over my shoulder and turned me towards her.

"Oh my gosh!" she panicked and started running in circles.

I smiled and sat up and started to laugh.

"Hey!" Danny said calmly.

"Hiya!" I ran over to him and poked him.

As Nora ran off screaming like a little girl, Danny and I were having a poke fight. I poked him so many times it felt like my fingers were about to break.

"MALEAH YOU LITTLE!" Nora charged at me.

Danny grabbed her waist and hugged her like a teddy bear. I laughed so hard I fell to the ground. Danny and Nora were like brother and sister, but Danny and I were too.

"C'mon let's go to the beach before Nora has a heart attack," I laughed.

* * * *

I got home from our fun little day at precisely 7:30 p.m.

I walked in through the door and saw nothing but darkness. No lights were on. Maybe my Mum went for dinner?

"Hello?" I asked, setting down my bag.

I began to navigate my way through my house until I heard a voice coming from the kitchen.

"Malee!" the lights flicked on.

I had to wait and see who it was since the sudden light made me shut them rapidly. I opened them after I my eyes adjusted and saw my dad in his uniform sitting at the table.

"Dad!" I yelled and sprang forward.

I zoomed into the kitchen and hugged his giant head that I'd always made fun of.

"Happy birthday Maleah!" he said simply.

"Thanks, where Mum?" I looked around.

She snuck up behind me and made me jump, then shoved a big box into my gut which made me laugh, for some odd reason. I looked up at her sympathetically and started to tear the paper open.

As I finally tore the last layer of wrapping paper, remembering my Mum always does ten times more than needed, I saw a beautiful silver chain with a glass shell-shaped clasp at the end of it, shining brightly against the light, and a bright raspberry colored Cinderella-looking dress under it.

"How did you. . ." I stopped.

"At the base, where people can actually go, they had a new stock come in and I offered to help, and I saw this necklace, and I know you've been looking for one for quite a while now, and the dress was nothing, I know you like that stuff" my dad smiled and I hugged him and Mum.

"Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!" I exclaimed.

I went upstairs and entered my day in my diary, and then headed off to bed.

* * * * 

RING! My phone went off.

I woke up suddenly and saw it was nearly 4 o'clock in the morning. I grabbed my phone and saw it was Danny.

"Hello?" I groaned.

"Maleah! Hurry!" he screamed.

"What's wrong?" I heard a boom in the background.

"Maleah, were being bombed! Hurry meet Nora and I at the railroad track NOW!" I jumped out of bed.

I grabbed as many things as I could and slipped on a black sweat shirt over my new dress. I ran to the side of my bed and saw the fire erupting in my bathroom; I grabbed the new necklace and put it on. I threw everything into a bag and rushed out of my burning house as fast as I could.

"Mum!? Dad!?" I screamed as I coughed through the smoke.

I stood there for many minutes in the smoke until my lungs were about to give out. I ran out the destroyed door and started my way to the track. I kept running without looking back, dodging the cracks in the streets and hiding from anyone that was carrying a gun.

Once I got there I looked back and saw destruction.

"Why?" I cried.

"It's okay, Malee," Danny hugged me.

"Where's Nora?" I asked worriedly.

"Right here." she said sorrowfully.

I went over to her and we discussed how we were going to get out of there, and we decided we were going to run down the railroad track until it stops. Running is all we can do anyway, and no destruction was over here. We talked until it had gotten barely light out, and then packed up our stuff as small as we could and it began to get light out.

"Maleah!" I turned as we were about to leave my dad running full speed towards me.

"Dad!" I screamed.

"Don't stop running." he continued, "I'm so proud of you," he kissed my forehead and took his gun off of his body.

I searched my Dad was dressed normal in jeans and his red Converse as usual. He stuck his hands in his pockets and nodded to me. 

"Okay Dad," I said. "I'll see you in the future," I smiled.

"Maleah! Come on!" Nora and Danny cried ahead of me.

I waved goodbye and started to run after my friends.


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