Happily Ever After with Ice on Top.

Happily Ever After with Ice on Top.

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



FOR LIZO's challenge. My quote was "...and they all lived happily ever after."

No summary, just read. MUAHAHA -cough- with love ?Jori?

I got this idea when I was in a pet shop....in the fish area! Where like all of the little kingdom things are. :) Enjoy!
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FOR LIZO's challenge. My quote was "...and they all lived happily ever after."

No summary, just read. MUAHAHA -cough- with love ?Jori?

I got this idea when I was in a pet shop....in the fish area! Where like all of the little kingdom things are. :) Enjoy!

Chapter1 (v.1) - Happily Ever After with Ice on Top.

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FOR LIZO's challenge. My quote was "...and they all lived happily ever after."

No summary, just read. MUAHAHA -cough- with love ?Jori?

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 25, 2009

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 25, 2009



"PASS the ball!" the short blonde haired girl screamed.

She picked it up and smacked the volleyball hard enough for a spike; instead it barely went over the net and the blonde girl spiked it perfectly.

"How was that?" she smirked.

"Gloater!" she smiled.

"Luna," she huffed.

"Don't start, your spike was perfect." Luna rolled her eyes at her light-haired friend.

"No, not that..." she trailed off.

"Alexandra? What is it?" Luna looked worried.

"Nothing, just saw a dark cloud, that's all." she looked down to the sand and shuffled in it.

"Lunch time!" Luna and Alex looked to each other and raced to their houses.

Alex of course got to hers first, it was right next to the beach; but for Luna, she had to go up the stairs of bamboo that had no railing. At first it seemed scary to go up them, but Luna had gotten used to it since she was the only one who had to go up stairs more than three, and the fact she's been repeating this current action for fourteen years. Luna got to her door thoughtfully and opened the leaf-covered door. 

"So, Erin, what's for lunch?" Luna asked her Brother.

"That's not why I um, called you." Luna looked confusedly towards him.

Luna's thoughts; why would he of called me? I looked towards my dirty blonde-haired Brother and he put is hands behind his back as if something was hurting him. I didn't move until he squeezed his eyes tightly and I ran behind him to see a sword in a red case.

"Luna," he said steadily and then handed me the sword.

"What's this for?" she looked around.

"This," he took out a large book with a binding that looked interesting. "Is what it's for."

"I don't get it Erin, if this is your idea of a joke, it's um, not really funny." Luna pulled her red-brown hair down and let her bangs swing into her eyes.

She shuddered silently and then shook her bangs until they were where they were meant to be. She then followed her Brother's strict instructions about opening the book. "It's just a book," she said sternly. And Erin would just ignore her every time she'd try to escape, or try to at least.

Luna's thoughts; I flipped through the dusty book, coughing occasionally. I looked through it seeing pictures of ancestors and mythical creatures, some I've never seen before. The book flipped itself from there on out after Erin had told me to rub my palm against a certain page; I stepped back as it lit blue and flipped to one of the last pages that looked like it had just a painting. I rubbed the soft paper that had disappeared at my touch. Erin had been playing with a banana at this time, until he noticed and then screamed towards me; pulling my hand away.

"What did I do?!" she screamed as she held her hand.

"Luna! You idiot!" he screamed towards her and then slammed the book.

"Erin," Luna tried to calm him down.

"Leave, just go with your friends or something, Luna, I need to think."

Luna rolled her eyes and then grabbed an grapple (apple and grape) and walked down her stairs and thought about the book. She thought hard at the mystery of it, but nothing came to mind. Luna tried to force it out of her head and focused on the beautiful island filled with no sad faces.

The crystal blue waters and the sand; the blue skies that were never dimmed even a little, and the houses out of bamboo and vines; the leaves on the doors. She looked out to the horizon, but it was blocked by a little island, much smaller than the one she'd lived on. It was where Luna, Alex, and anyone else for that matter, went to eat the magnificent blunana's that were there. But Luna hadn't been there since an unappreciated incident had happened.

She reached the ground once more and then walked over to Alex's house, she knocked on the doors and then stared towards the spinning wheel that put water into the City.

"Alex, let's go to the other island." she said hastily.

"Okay!" Alex smiled and then screamed to her parents she was "out". 

Luna looked down when Alex was shouting. Luna had never remembered her Parents, only knowing that all she had was Erin and Alex, for now at least---her Parents had died shortly after Luna was born. Luna annoyed with how's and why's towards Erin all the time, but he just walked away whenever she had brought it up.

"Luna?" Alexandra waved a hand in-front of her friend's focused face.

"Yeah, sorry, just thinking." she looked down at the sand.

"Anyway, let's go!" she tugged Luna along.

They walked and talked until stepping into the little boat that Luna hadn't been on since her Parents had passed. She paddled silently and thought once more of the unavoidable book. Thinking of what Erin had been talking about; and then he exploded and went off at her. Unusual it was, but that's Erin.

"You know." Luna looked away from the fruit and towards Alexandra, "we haven't been here since your-" her face flushed. "A few years."

"I know, it's been too long." Luna grabbed the blunana and took a bite from it.

"I wonder why these are called blunana's," she trailed on, "they're not blue, or banana's. They're just like apple's, well, kind of. They're actually more like oversized raspberries in a blueberry." 

Luna laughed and sighed at her friend's thinking. She turned her head towards Arlian---the City she lived upon---once more and saw the blue skies turning a deep and depressing green.

"Alexandra..." Luna stood up with her and stared anxiously.

"Something is happening, and I don't think it's good." Luna looked towards Alex and then refocused on the people that were coming out of their houses in fear of what this meant.

Luna looked towards her house, the tallest in Arlian, and saw a swirling cloud over it.

"Erin," she gasped and then zoomed towards the boat, but then saw Alex will need it. Luna dived into the water and swam desperately to her house and it began to chill and the wind was no longer friendly and smiling, but more like screaming and ruefully blowing and violently twisting in a deep red cloud over her own home.

She raced to the steps; but she thought about having no railing might be a bit hazardous right now, so she ran to the back and climbed onto the ladder that led straight up to her home.

Once she was at the last climb she swung her body over to her balcony and rushed inside to see Erin in shock.

She ran full speed towards him and looked into his worried eyes.

"Erin, what's going on?" he looked towards his Sister and then grabbed her hand and pulled her out the door and explained it on the way down from their house.

"Family heirloom, Luna, you're the next one! They're after you!" he pulled her harder.

Luna's thoughts; I wasn't understanding what he was telling me, but apparently it didn't matter. What did matter was getting down the stairs without falling off first. The wind was horrible now but none of the houses were getting damaged, but ours. The sea wasn't raging up and Alexandra and everyone else was just in panic, no one looked hurt.

"Erin!" Luna shouted as a tree branch hit her against the wall and across her face.

The cut wasn't deep, but it was noticeable. She ignored it and saw the blood cloud coming closer towards her. 

"Luna hurry!" Erin had yelped.

She continued down the steps and once she reached the ground Erin hurried her to a place on the island she had not known was there.

Luna's thoughts; Erin pushed and shoved me into place but he was failing. I wouldn't co-operate unless he told me what was going on, and since he doesn't seem like he is going to, I might never know. I would be able to get it out of him, just a couple more try's would do the trick. My older Brother handed me the book hurriedly and I glared towards him even stronger.

"Tell me!"

"Luna, you really want to know?" he asked her furiously.

"Yes! Tell me!" she begged him.

"You're the next," he gulped, "in a family heirloom it passes down, and you got the royalty!" he shouted through the rough winds and rain that was getting worse until he had said "royalty."

The storm had stopped, as I did too; Luna thought. The rain was seized as if it had never poured and the wind was back to a tropical breeze. The sea wasn't black, but as blue as I'd ever seen it. And the cloud that was brutally shoving and pushing their house apart was gone.

"Erin?" she turned around and saw no one.

"Alex?" she'd asked.

"Luna!" she turned and was being hugged by a familiar face.

"Alex, what's going on?" Luna rubber her eyes.

"What do you mean?" she perked her head up and then looked passed her shoulder.

Luna turned to see Erin nodding to her as people that were in very nice clothing had stepped out of the giant castle-like houses.

"All hail for Princess Luna!" Luna looked towards the voice and saw it was a man whom was in-fact glaring at her.

Luna thought about what had happened and then was being pulled by Erin towards a horse. She looked around Arlian and saw the world she once knew disappearing from her very eyes, she turned back to the beach to see many men and women gathering in a Castle. Not with the background of the ocean that was glimmering before her very eyes.

"Erin," Luna whispered.

"Luna, you're the next ruler of Casslia." he blurred out.

"Casslia?" Luna looked worried as she walked towards the glaring Man.

"This is King Pericy." Erin bowed his head to Luna and then left.

"Welcome to Casslia, Ms. Luna." she blinked.

Luna continued to stare between her not-to-far-away Brother and the King.

"Um, I'm sort of, confused." she slurred her words tiredly.

"Yes, I thought you might be," he then said, "don't worry Miss, I am going to show you around the Castle and where not to go."

Luna stared at him blankly and then walked with him around the Castle of Casslia.

To Luna, it had seemed very beautiful, but something was missing, something like life. There were no plants or flowers, and in the garden it was mostly unhealthy strawberry plants.

"King--" Luna stopped as he corrected her.

"Call me Pericy (pair-esy)." he looked down to her.

"Okay, Pericy, please I mean no offence, but why is nothing here, very um, healthy." she stumbled on her words.

"That's why you are here." he nodded.

"To be a gardener?" she teased rudely.

"No," he sighed, "you don't know of your powers?" she nodded no. "Well, you have the power to bring things to life, and I'm positive that she had said the ability to control ice, or create it, something like that."

Luna's thoughts; I have powers; this can't be real. There's no such thing as powers, and magic. Or is there? No, there can't be; that's just crazy.

Luna looked down to her hands and then flexed it away from her. The ground was icing until she pulled it away; she looked towards Pericy but his feet were iced up to his shins.

"Oh, I'm so sorry! I really didn't believe you at first." she looked at her hands again.

"It's fine Dear One, I have fire." he said as he whipped it out of his palm and unfroze his legs.

* * *

FOR the past few days, Luna had been extra cautious of what she was doing. She had accidentally frozen Erin's head to his hand, and Luna mistakenly froze her beautiful red-brown hair to the bed post; her other power was coming in handy, until today.

Luna had been wandering about the Castle until she found a room labeled: FORBIDDEN. Luna ignored it and then walked in after checking each way. She shut the door behind her and turned to see something she thought she never would. Every tree was alive along with flowers and plants of all sorts. One thing in particular caught her attention. It was a giant Banyan tree, the biggest she's ever seen. She walked up to it hesitantly and placed her hand delicately upon its trunk. She walked in a circle around it; touching every part of its broken up trunk. Once she was finished walking in the circle, the giant tree lit up blue and everything in the forbidden room became, you could say, alive.

Luna turned towards a patch of Palm trees surrounded by purple and orange flowers---that were flowing freely with the warm breeze.

"Hey you!" she shrieked and then turned her attention towards the source of the voice.

"You, you can talk?" Luna took a step away.

"You made me able to talk!" the Banyan tree shook itself.

"M-me?" Luna stuttered.

The face of the Banyan tree looked old but friendly. It couldn't stop smiling ever since it came to life---or I brought it there. Luna thought.

"Thank you, Princess Luna." a woman's voice chirped from somewhere.

Luna's thoughts; the howls of happiness grew until I heard the door screech open. The Banyan tree had told me to climb in him; I followed his instructions. I climbed as high as I could and then all of the trees went silent once more. The birds stopped their singing and the butterflies stopped moving. Everything was like it was on pause. I sucked my head slowly through the branch and saw the King and the Jester, Cabe, walk in.

"Yes, I know, it's almost time Sir, but don't you think there could be another way---other than murder!" Cabe was almost shouting.

"No, we have to kill her. We have been doing this for centuries, my ancestors have been Cabe! I will not stop until Luna is dead." Pericy said.

Luna's face was shocked and her mind drew a blank. She continued to listen.

"How do you plan on killing her eh? She has powers too." Cabe said furiously.

"Do you mean to tell me you're sticking up for her?" Pericy grabbed Cabe's throat.

Luna sucked in air and then remembered how nice and surprisingly careful Cabe was. He had beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair that was usually dirty.  He had taken close watch to Luna, making sure she didn't do anything dangerous. One night when Cabe was watching her, he had gotten too close; he tried to kiss her, and she probably would've returned his offer if Erin had not came in and shouted at both of them.

"No," he shook him off of him.

"Too late, you little liar!" Pericy slashed a whip of fire and struck it through Cabe. Cabe gasped for air and then looked in Luna's direction. Luna pulled her light-green dress up to her chin with her knees.

"You're a monster!" Erin ran through the door with an army behind him.

He slashed out the matching sword as Luna's, and then they moved towards Pericy.

"Banyan, er, do you have a name?" Luna asked.

"You call me what you like Miss."

"Okay, um, Zan," Luna was let down before she had to ask.

She whipped out the sword and froze it with her powers so it would stand the fire.

"Well, well, well." Pericy clapped.

Erin ran to her side carefully as Pericy threatened every move he made.

Pericy slashed it out like a sword and slapped it at everyone but Luna. She had been blocking every move with her ice. She'd continued to do this until the roof of the Castle and the walls had disappeared and there was an army of fire...and ice.

Luna looked towards Zan and then ran full speed towards him. She jumped onto the branch, which appeared to be his hand and then yelled to her army to charge at the King's army.

Luna froze most of it, but Pericy kept foolishly lighting them on fire.

"Erin!" Luna yelled as her Brother went to stab Pericy. Pericy turned around and slashed him like he did to Cabe.

Madness inside of Luna; that she didn't know she had, since she was usually the logical, caring one---charged full speed off of Zan and towards the King.

She swerved and ducked from his fire; as he did the same with ice. She shot at him more powerfully than she knew she had.

Luna continued this until she was trapped by the King's army. The men wearing the navy-slashed uniforms had the tips of their guns towards her head; at anytime they could blow. She turned her focus and dropped her stance as Erin was on his horse they'd given him, Soheph (zo-eff) he was a black Stallion.

"I found I have a power too." Erin smiled at Luna and went at them on his horse.

All of the men surrounding her were on the ground now. . .asleep.

"Your power is to make them sleep?" Luna laughed before turning her attention back to Pericy whom was on his horse; running from them.

"Yes, now get on!" he grabbed her hand and swung her over the saddle.

* * *

There Luna stood, ready to strike him at anytime.

Pericy was up against a rock and Luna was leaning over him. There was blood stains on the soft grass, and on their faces.

"You can't even take my life." Pericy laughed to her.

"I don't have to." She pressed her cut hand to his chest. "I found something about myself you didn't know, I have the power to take away powers, but once I got here, you would never tell me because you were planning this, and this will not continue on Pericy." Luna left his chest after taking his powers away.

The guard's took him to the jail after they proved that he'd killed the others.

"Luna!" Zan yelped.

"Cabe!" she reminded herself and then rushed back to where he was on Zan.

Once she got there she gracefully jumped off and ran to his side. She pressed her palm to his chest and after a few moments he gasped for air. She was overjoyed and the tears that were going down her cheeks in fright were now happy.

"Cabe!" she hugged him and then they kissed.

Erin tried to stop it, but Zan wrapped him in with a branch and hugged him tightly.

Ten years later.

"I now pronounce you King and Queen, of Casslia." Erin shut the book and walked away so Cabe and Luna could kiss without him scowling.

Luna sat down in the golden chair and Erin's Wife, Beala, placed the purple crown upon her head, and then the silver on top of Cabe's.

So after all they'd gone through, Luna had brought peace to the restless City, and she also brought Arlian to Casslia. The Arlian's liked the name, so they didn't change it. Erin had became the Official-Poet-Of-Casslia. Luna also brought her garden back to life and planted a purple tree in the middle of the it; placing her crown under it too.

"Erin," Luna asked as she ate her cake with Cabe.

"Yes?" he asked with frosting on his chin.

Beala wiped it off and laughed.

"I need a quote, for tonight, or really our journey." she looked thoughtful.

"And they all lived happily ever after."

"With ice on top," Cabe added.

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