Empty Promisess

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Something i wrote awhile ago about my first love.

Submitted: July 24, 2012

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Submitted: July 24, 2012




Your Words, They Linger Threw My Head.


Your Touch, The Sensation Warms My Bed.


Over And Over I Fall For You


Praying Dearly That What You Say Is True


Yet Again And Again You Prove Me Wrong.


I Thought You Where Better Than This, This Cannot Go On.


Over And Over My Heart Bleeds Frozen Tears


At Night My Dreams Expose My Fears.


I Should Know By Now, You'll Never Learn


In The End My Heart Will Only Burn.


Yet Theres A Speck Of Hope That Refuses To Die


But Its Fading Each Time You Make Me Cry.


Your Promises Have Been Nothing But Lies


You Have No Shame When I Look In Your Eyes.


I May Be A Fool But Theres Only So Much I Can Take.


This Is Your Final Chance, You've Made Your Last Mistake


So Prove To Me That You Can Be The Wonderful Guy I Know You Can Be


If You Prove Me Wrong Once Again Then Thats It, We've Reached The End.


Yet Another Promise You've Made To Me


Lets Hope This Time Its Not Empty.

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