Perfect Precision

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Wrote this poem a really long time ago. back when i was a completely different person than i am now.

Submitted: July 24, 2012

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Submitted: July 24, 2012




Clenching my chest I fall to the floor


I cry out for help but i'm only ignored


My voice fades and my sanity dies


And crimson teardrops fall from my eyes


All my life i've walked alone


My existance embraces pain all it's own


To love me now is to love a monster


I am my own enemy, a true imposter


You'll regret the day you befriended me


Once you're trapt in grip you'll never be free


Tho I can't control your decision 


I'll rip out you heart with perfect precision


I'm your greatist mistake, the wrong choice to make


The perfect example of true heartbreak


You'll wither away right before my eyes


I'll be your essence of hate, the one you despise


You deserve much better anyway


So why prolong it? just throw me away


What is it you see in me?


Im a horrible person, thats all i can be


I'll watch your heart break without making a sound


Your body cold and lifeless as you fall to the ground


Whats left of my heart is yours, that fact remains true


But reguardless i'll still be the death of you.

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