Wasted Souls

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A 16 year old boy must avoide a vengful mob after the daughters of two mafia familes are put in prison for sexual and physical abuse. The two girls are in foster care. The boy has no one to turn to anymore. He must battle the two vengful gangs on his own.

Submitted: July 05, 2010

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Submitted: July 05, 2010




Wasted souls

A psychologist goes into the life of three teens. 14 Rebbeca and 14 Jessica year old girls who have been abused since they were babies reveal their abused past and their scared life when they find out that a 16 year old Oliver had been following them home from school for two years in girls clothes. When the teachers hear the cries and fear of the two girls. The police, CAS (Childrens Aid Society) were informed. Rebecca and Jessica stayed in school after the last bell rang for all of the kids to go home. The two girls wait for the Police and CAS. The girls with trouble tell their life which had been filled with negelect, sexual and physical abuse and constant fear. The Police bring the girls to the police station, then their parents are arrested and Rebecca and Jessica are going to be placed in a group home. The next morning Police are really interested about this “ Robin Hood like teenage cross dresser.” The police look for his records and the records show that the boy Oliver Wilkinson had first been in the conflict in the law when he was 13 and told the O.P.P (Ontario Provincial Police) That he tried to stop a child molester from killing a 4 year old girl. When Oliver was 14 he got assualted by two 15 year old girls other than that he hadn't been involved with the law that much. The police go to his house and speak with his father. The father a nice man who is retired business man. The Police explain to him about his son's acts of crossdressing and making sure the girls didn't get abused. The Police later that afternoon were examining his computer files. They found atleast 50 images taken of Rebecca and Jessica from a far. When a door opened they heard a teenage voice saying “hey, daddy” When the police came down the stairs they spoke to the boy about the arrest of the parents of Rebecca and Jessica. They said that they find his behaviour really conserning and on the border line of mentally insane. Oliver was transported to Sick Kids for Mental treatment. Oliver there admitted for making a plan to murder Rebecca and Jessicas family members however then made a plan to inform the police. However when he told Jessica about the crossdressing and following she became to distressed and upset that she ran and Oliver couldn't even mention the fact of him calling the police. Psychatrist said that the “plan to murder the girls relatives” was not a plan but an immature way of saying how much he hated them. Oliver was given Cognetive Behaviour Therapy for the OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) that he had over Rebecca and Jessica. Now its November 8th 2011. The parents of Rebecca Kingston and Jessica Walton, Rebecca is still 14 going to be 15 in December and Jessica is 15 and Oliver Wilkinson who is now 17 are all going to be going on a Trial.

Original Trial Documents

Kingston/Walton daughter abuse

The homes of Kingston and Walton differ just from outside. The house of the Waltons looks like a normal middle class family house. Yet inside it was kept untidy and just as dark as the Kingstons house. The tax were not payed in neither house. Both homes roaming with cockroaches and with dust. Neighboors described the Waltons as parents who often humiliated their daughter Jessica in front of their family friends. Little did they know that humiliation was the smallest problem and that they sexually and physical assualted her since she was two. The three older brothers did little to stop the abuse. The Kingston family described as the parents with drinking problems did little to control their six kids. Rebecca was a truant and a thief who often stole from neighbours. The other five ranged from arsonists to a 7 year old urchin. The schools are partly for blame for the lack of support and no intervention to the obvious sings of disturbance and distress to both girls.”

Says Prosecutor Ajit Prhamnashnam to the prosecution of the whole case.

Prosecutor Ajit took a sipped a cup of water. Jessica and Rebecca sitting in the victim box looked with fear at Prosecutor Ajit. Jessica is no longer the skinny little girl she has gained a lot of weight since her stable eating habits at the group home and binge eating made her baloone a bit. Rebecca now also no longer the little girl that first appeared in court back in February. Now looks a lot more developed yet still in fear of everybody around her.

Now Oliver Wilkinson comes from a completley different backround. His parents both educated and maintain a good family atmosphere. Yet the teen roamed the streets of Tedwyn at midnight with other boys and girls a lot younger than his age. Often causing havoc and riots on the street with other kids. Oliver first got involved with the law when he told O.P.P officers that he tried to stop a man from killing a four year old girl. That incident occured in July 2008. Since then Oliver had been placed in different schools. Often suspended and often in trouble. Despite his “ Artful Dodger” looks and behaviour he was a good student and has a high IQ. He often defended younger kids who got picked by older bullies. This boy in my opinion did a good thing by trying to stop the abuse of the two girls. However he went to bizarre extremes to make sure they were safe. He says that he wanted to make sure that their evil parents wouldn't hurt them.

The Trial continues on wednesday.

Tears in court and in the Police Station

When the lawyer of Rebecca Kingston said that Rebecca had been diagnosed in the group home with Post Traumatic Stress disorder and urined her pants more then five times. Rebecca cried. Oliver stood up from his dock where he sat with his father and mother and said “How can you people, do this to Rebecca and Jessica.” He paused and said “ Please don't put them back in the group home, my friend was in one and said that it was horrible and tried to commit suicide ten times.” Oliver sat down and burst into tears. Shortly after that Jessica started gently weeping. Detective Constable Henry Richards played the tiny, high piched voice of Rebecca from a police interview back in February. The recorder gave the voice of a little girl who sounded way younger than a 14 year old. Sounded more like a 9 year old. The cries and shrieks and screams of fear and confusion made a lot of people feel uneasy. Oliver cried and put his head on his fathers shoulder. He soon started hyperventilating. Jessica showed the middle finger to her and Rebecca's parents who were in the offenders box. The teens became uneasy and cried without control. Rebecca and Oliver cried and kept blowing their nose with the tissues. Oliver
told the judge and the jury how he would take his mom and his sisters clothes and would take them to the woods near his house and would dress up there and use a wig on his head. When answering questions questions if anybody recognized him. He said “ Well nobody recognized me. But two older boys were flirting with me.”Oliver then started weeping again. The Judge made a public appeal for the people who saw a girl which was in fact Oliver. He said “ Whoever saw this person or spoke to him between November 2008 and February 2011 please come forward and tell me about him on friday, tomorow we will focus on Rebecas and Jessicas Parents. The Trial continues on Thursday.

Parents of Kingston and Walton may face 12 years in prison

The parents of Rebecca Kinston and Jessica Walton were told that they may face 12 years in prison. They were told that Sebatians Kingston and Daniel Waltons semen was found in on their daughters clothing and in their rooms. Neither of the parents had much to say. The judge said what sickens and frightens me the most about you four ( direct himself to the parents of Jesssica and Rebecca) is that despite of the cries and fears of all three youths you seem totally cool and collective of that. You must be skilled child abusers and pedophiles if you got away with this for 14 years. At that Linda Walton shed one tear.

Bizzare Teenage Cross dresser was spoken to on his journeys to the girls homes.

In January 2009, a 50 year old woman helped a teenage girl who was looking for a convient store. The girl was actually Oliver.

In late January 2009. A teenage girl came to a 68 year old man door to ask if she could use the bathroom. The man said yes. After that she offered him dry humping sex. He said no and told her that if she speaks like that then she might raped. She said thank you and left.

In early February 2009. A woman was walking her golden retriever. Oliver played with the dog and spoke to the woman.

In mid February 2009. Oliver was seen on a playground structure just steps away from the Waltons residence. Two boys then 12 and now 15 said that they thought she was sexy.

Then the next time somebody actually spoke to Oliver was in February 2010. When Oliver was bothering an old woman on his way back home (still in girls clothes) annother woman yelled at him and said” Heey, you obnoxious girl, leave that lady alone. Oliver walked away.

In May 2010. Oliver gave directions to a family in a car to Square One Shopping Centre.

In June 2010. He was climbing trees in girls disguise after checking on Rebeccas home. A 30 year old man said that the then girl he thought he was on drugs. He asked her if she was okay. Oliver nodded.

On Halloween 2010. He dressed up as a witch and had went to both Rebecca and Jessicas neighbourhood to check if they were okay. Then he tried to steal sweets from three five year old boys. The 36 year old mom yelled at the then she thought girl and pushed him.” She... I mean he made a high piched squeek and then he ran off.”

In Christmas day 2010. He dressed up as a girl and put presents on both Walton and Kingston door steps. The neighboor of Kingston a 48 year old woman asked who she was. Oliver replied with a girlish smile “a friend from school.”
That was the last time that anybody spoke to Oliver in a girldisguise on his missions to Kingstons and Waltons homes.

Prosecutor Ajit said that these were bizzare acts and seemed mentally unstable. Oliver cried throught out when the people were telling about the incidents. He sobbed “Now I look like a girlish freak.”

The Verdict
Monday November 14th 2011
Today there were more questions for everyone involved especially for the two girls. The Verdict for the parents of Jessica and Rebecca will be 15 years in prison. Rebecca and Jessica will be placed in Group homes until they turn 18, and for Oliver mental health specialists said that keeping him in the hospital will make him more unstable and that he should continue with his Cognetive Behavioural Therapy but come back home. The judge told the three teens “I want to tell you all Oliver, Rebecca and Jessica. That you had come forward and told people your fears, anxieties and problems shows a great deal of bravery on all of your parts. I wish all of you the best of luck. I want you all to try to forget about this as soon as you can.” The parents of the two girls were driven away in Police vans. The two teenage girls were driven away in sepperate two black cars, and Oliver was driven back home in annother black car with his parents.

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