Just a bunch of random writings(:

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SO one day I was sitting in bed and i started to write on my notes on my iPod.
its all different of poems. ranging from Love, to family issues, and a scary house XD
Enjoy and feel free to give some feedback(:

Submitted: December 29, 2011

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Submitted: December 29, 2011



Words stick.
A mean nickname that never leaves.
A horrible adjective that always seems to haunt you.
Questioning the way you feel about yourself.
The way you think of yourself.
You cant seem to look in a mirror anymore.
Let alone step on that scale anymore.
It taunts you. Just daring for youto look.
It takes over like a tidal wave.
It crushes everything you once thought about yourself.
Before you realize it,
your questioning every other espect about yourself.
Because. Words. Stick.



Pretty is what you are
Beautiful is what you do with it.
But an ugly personallity kills them both


.One lone house
One lone house on the country side.
Crow flying above and high
And a crickity swing in the back.
Your car swings by slowly..
Survaying what passes by your window thinking to yourself that its a murders house.
And the red X on the door says it all.
Youdrive the hell outta there.


 Sometimes i wish icould run away.
Run from the pain
Run from the laughs
And run from the jerks who dont know the real me.


The picture of the oh so happy family
Hangs up on the wall.
Posed and smiling and covering the secrets that everyone in the house already knows.
Their dads a cheat
Their mom has one foot out the door
the kids dont even know eachother anymore
And the family is falling apart.
But no one would no that
Because of the picture of the oh so happy family hanging up on the wall.


Life doesnt always work the way you want.
And sometimes you have to put on that fake ass smile
Just to get through the day.
But always remember that there is someone out there
That knows what your going through.
Hold you head high.
And it will get better soon.
Because you can only go up from here.

Love isnt something you can always expect.
It comes as a surprise
Sweeps you off your feet.
Catches your breath
And makes your heart soar.


Everyone has their own defination of being perfect.
But the reality is..
It is impossible to be perfect.
Even the most beautiful snowflake
Has its flaws.
Part of it may have melted
Or molded itself to another.
And People are never happy with themselves
And trying to be "perfect" wont get you anywhere.
Except yourself.
Be proud of YOU.
Love yourself.
Embrace your curves. Love em.
It may not be what others like but
the beauty is is that its your life and
it may not be their "perfect" picture of you but as long as you except you for you...
They dont matter.
And the only person who is hard on you is
Statistics show that 10 million females have eating disorders.
Dont be a statistic.
Being "thin" wont get you that dream.
Whether that dream is a
Modeling job A boyfriend or A spot on the cheerleading squad.
Confedence in yourself helps.
that picture perfect body has nothing to do with it.
No one cares about your weight except you.
Death is tuff.
And you dont always know why it happens.
Sometimes the reason cant be answered
And it may not be perfect but you have to except it.
Death is something some people can easily invite in.
Its easier for them.
Sometimes people cant handle that pressure.
The pressure of being "perfect"
And sometimes its eaier to just let go.
Being "perfect" kills.

(I dont know how i feel about that one)


From the day i started high school
I told myself that i would not be the girl who thought so lowly of themselves.
I wasnt going to think of the calories
The working out
Or the thought of just starving myself because it would be easier.
No. I wasnt going to be that way.
But that fateful day came came & it it bit me in the ass.






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