Blue Crystalline

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
Death Beautifully

Submitted: December 28, 2012

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Submitted: December 28, 2012



Blue Crystalline

Bed of sandcrystal,
warm, in north stream,
the demi-goddess,
Blue Crystalline.

paling boys,
in her eddies,
The Courtesan,
submerging pennies.

Breathless blue hair,
water up to thighs,
fine powder skin,
makes pins of eyes.

Such bliss,
such cold clime,
no coat,
in winter time.

hushes you on,
to sandy shoal,
her island,
cindering blue coal.

river bed turns brown,
swim out of fear,
gurgling lows of pain,
but returns her chandelier

water level caresses,
down to knees,
reaching nympth,
hot bath in winter breeze.

corsette of diamonds,
sparkles in night air,
middle of river--
isolation--her lair.

unalone now, warm,
your arms she is wrapt,
go to kiss her,
only gives neck and back.

try to turn her chin
to give kiss,
but snowflakes,,
melt with fingertips.

island diminishing,
grip her tight,
nymph in arms,
sliver of moon-light.

dissolving island,
is blue hour-glass,
cold forest speaks,
"son come back"

you huddle to the,
last cinder that's dry,
she is reflection now,
inviting you inside.

a look back to forest,
is a look up as if--
you were descending,
fathoms to an ice cold abyss.

sky and forest are gone,
veil and hearse have met,
family frames twinkle,
down to you in her depth.

such bliss,
in such cold clime,
no coat,
in winter time.

*this poem is about painkiller addiction(blue perc 30's) "no coat in winter time, pins of eyes" is someone who is not living naturally, when she wears off, the cold comes for you. If you meet her, you probably won't make it, " she is reflexion now inviting you inside" to the depths of heroin, her master.

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