Typical Night at Work

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This is just a normal night at work for me. I am a sports stringer for a newspaper. The style is more of thought process in my mind. I really enjoy this style. Enjoy.

Submitted: January 03, 2012

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Submitted: January 03, 2012



I sit, slowly moving my wrist

watching as my joints shift

to create this fluid movement.

I have light conversation

with one of the guys in charge.

It is nice, I feel like I belong.

He gives me a big job to do.

I've never done this before.

It's scary, but I do it

because it is my job, what

I take home a paycheck for.

Matt just walked in and for a

moment I felt very awkward.

While asking to switch shifts

on the phone last Tuesday night,

he inquired about my religion.

I simply said "I don't really know."

He said he was just wondering.

I think he might like me.

I smile and wave like usual,

then I go back to typing.

When I'm asked to work on

something new to me,

I always have one of those

moments of panic but I'm

starting to learn that I can

do it after all. I asked Chris

if he needed anything, this

was a risk, I know. Of course,

he gave me another "something new"

to do. I'm terrible with sports,

and yet I just keep trying. Well,

that's finished. It is 10:27 and

I will be leaving soon. Eleven

to be exact. Just another night

at work. I think I'll do this

bit of bowling before I leave.


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