Swan-Queen Hannibal-Will Crossover Fan Fiction (Part #1)

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Regina lusts after Emma, and finally develops a plot to have the blonde within her grasp. With the help of notorious serial killing cannibal Hannibal, she plots how to have Emma all to herself--and help Hannibal keep Will under his thumb.

*Spoiler Alert:Don't read if you haven't seen the episodes 'Second Star to the Right' from Once Upon a Time and 'Rôti' from Hannibal*

*All rights go to the respective creators and writers at ABC and NBC*

Submitted: September 22, 2013

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Submitted: September 22, 2013



Hannibal’s phone rings in his office and, not occupied with any patients, he leans over and answers it, not taking his eyes away from Will’s picture of a distorted clock. “Hello, this is Dr. Lector. How can I help you?”


“Dr. Lector, my name is Regina Mills, I’m the mayor of Storybrooke up here in Maine,” a slick voice replies over the line. “I believe I have a proposition which you might find intriguing.”


“May I ask what that may be?” Hannibal asks, his interest piqued. He momentarily disregards Will’s drawing.


“You see, Dr. Lector, I’ve been doing quite a bit of research on you, both with the internet and with some particular…skills that I possess, and I happened across a few bits of interesting information on you, such as what your favorite food is. Am I correct to say that it’s the liver of the rude?”


Hannibal grips the edge of his desk tightly in his free hand and clenches his jaw. “What can I do for you, Ms. Mills?” he asks, his voice strained.


“Don’t worry, Dr. Lector. I don’t intend to release this information to the public. I simply have a favor to ask of you. There’s a problem I need you to take care of.”


“What might this problem be?”


“His name is Baelfire, and my reasons are my own. I will deliver him to you personally in exchange for your services. Additionally, I would like to bring someone along for the dinner at which he is served. And don’t worry, Dr. Lector, that’s not all. While I was performing my research, I came across another stray fact that may sweeten the pot for you. I can help you take care of a little problem of your own.”


“Oh?” He leans back in his chair, intrigued by this bizarre conversation and delicious offer.


“There’s someone that I know you not to be quite fond of. Someone who interferes with your business and hurts someone you care about very much, the man who you consider to be your closest, if not only, friend. I know of the person who plays with his heart and leaves you to clean up the pieces. I’ll take care of Dr. Bloom for you.”


Hannibal doesn’t hesitate. “You have a deal, Ms. Mills.”


“Very good. I’ll be in touch.”


In Storybrooke, Regina smiles to herself once she hangs up the phone, every piece of her plan falling into place. She looks up at Greg and Tamara. “Everything is falling into place. He believes us. You two know what to do now, correct?”


“Yes, your majesty,” they reply in unison, bowing their heads.


A few hours after the pair leave, Hook enters Regina’s office. Regina can see through his lies, through his false condolences for her mother’s death and agreement to help her despite his current allegiance to Greg and Tamara’s conned cause. She agrees to his proposed alliance, going so far as to show him her secret stash of magic beans to earn his trust. Once she’s sure that he believes that she’s on his side, she leads him out of her office and to the library, under which she has hidden Maleficent.


She tricks him, shoving him into Maleficent’s stingy claws where she can be sure that he is killed. However, she is shocked when upon arriving to the surface with the trigger to find that he is still alive, standing beside Greg and Tamara. She fakes attempting to use her magic, having been the one to charm the bracelet that is preventing her from to using it. She and the pair exchange rehearsed banter before they cover her head and take her to their “secret hideout.”


Hook departs, and Greg and Tamara set Regina up in the lodgings that they prepared for her. “Thank you both,” she says sanctimoniously with her head held high. “Do you have what I asked for?”


“Yes, your majesty,” Tamara replies, taking out a small vial and handing it to Regina.


“Good,” she whispers, holding the bottle carefully and examining it. “Now, remember, you can do what you want to the others, but I want Neal dead and Emma alive. Are we clear?”


“Yes, your majesty,” the pair reply in unison. They bow their heads and exit the room.


Regina bites her lip and smiles at the cloudy green liquid that fills the flask. She curls up on the bed in the hidden closet and lets her eyes drift closed with images of her future with Emma and Henry drifting though her head.


She is expectantly shaken awake the next morning by an anxious Tamara. “My Queen, the Pirate has arrived. We must get you tied up quickly.”


Regina nods and follows Tamara out of the closet and lies on the metal table as Tamara hurriedly straps her down and attaches her to the machines before slipping into the office and having another staged exchange with Greg. Hook meanwhile takes advantage of their “distraction” and sneaks into the room where Regina is being held captive.


Proud of himself for believing to have been partially responsible for her capture, he begins to taunt and tease her, relishing in her helplessness. Growing agitated with him, Regina begins to turn the tables on him, questioning whether Greg and Tamara truly intend to hold up their end of the bargain and leading him to do the same. Greg, feeling anxious to get Hook away from his leader, joins them in the room. Hook confronts Greg, now lacking his initial confidence that Rumpelstiltskin will truly be his soon. When Greg evades Hook’s questioning, Hook grows frustrated and storms out.


Regina and Greg continue their exchange in case Hook is still within earshot as Regina opens her hand, revealing the vial of potion which Greg quickly takes and pours into Regina’s mouth as he talks. He turns on the machine, and Regina makes sounds of false minor pain. The pair continue to bicker before Greg truly fires the machine up. While the agonizing pain of the machine affects her on the outside, she personally feels no pain due to the potion that she gave Tamara the instructions to create. They continue on with the act, trying to ensure that Regina’s story will be believable later when she tries to convince Emma that leaving Storybrooke is the best option for the sake of Henry’s safety.


In the meantime, Tamara witnesses Neal and Emma strolling on the beach together and nearing them on a hidden camera, and she hurries off to divert their attention away from the abandoned cannery.


As Tamera makes her way quickly back to the cannery, Regina can feel her mind being probed by Snow White using a spell that Rumpelstiltskin had taught her. She turns to Greg. “They know,” she whispers. “They’re coming. Be prepared.”


He nods and hurries to the entrance of the cannery to meet Tamara. He cuts her off in her excited explanation of how Neal and Emma have no clue of what’s going on. “They’re coming. Emma and Neal will probably be here first, so be prepared to deal with them. Remember what she said—“


“Don’t kill her. I know.”


Greg nods and runs back to Regina’s side. He pumps up the power to make the attacks more intense with the time on the clock running short. The pair improvises, aware of the rapid-approaching end of the rouse.


Tamera hears the choppy voice of David coming from Emma’s walkie-talkie a few minutes later warning of Greg’s approach. She makes her move then. Partially ignoring Regina’s orders to ensure her safety, she whacks Emma over the head with a crowbar and steals her gun. The fight ensues, Tamara rambling off her false story to Neal that she, Greg, and Regina had agreed on at the beginning of the plot. She shoots Neal and manages to mortally wound him, but Emma attacks her. Injured by Emma and scared, she throws a magic bean at the floor between Emma and Neal, knowing that no matter who goes through and in what condition, Regina has enchanted the beans to teleport the victim through that hole into her office.


Tamara runs out around the corner, hurrying to Regina’s office, the rendezvous where Greg is waiting with a dying Neal at his feet. Neal gasps for breath, looking between the two of them helplessly. Gritting her teeth, she grabs a box that Regina has sitting on her desk and smashes it over Neal’s head, knocking him out for the last time in his life.


Having passed out after a last strong blast of electric shock as the potion wore off, Regina begins to come to from the feeling of a cold, wet towel on her forehead. The first thing she notices is Emma hunched over on the stairs with David rubbing her shoulder. Good, that means he’s dead.


A surge of jealousy fueled pleasure passes through Regina.


The next thing she notices is the source of the cold towel: Mary Margaret. She’s furious at the princess for trying to help her after both for causing Daniel’s death and for being the hand at which her mother died. And now she’s trying to clear her conscious by helping Regina, but the Queen can see through Mary Margaret’s false act of kindness.


She does however realize that she’s outnumbered here and has to find a way to get out without raising too much suspicion. She also sees this as her chance to get Emma and Henry out of Storybrooke. She begins going off on her fake story of the fail-safe button that Greg and Tamara are “now in possession of.” As suspected, David and Mary Margaret immediately grow alarmed, asking how could she be so foolish and what will they do. Emma remains quiet on the stairs, seemingly shocked from Neal’s death.


“I have a plan since you were all too foolish to catch them,” she says, cutting David off mid-insult.


“And what might that be?” he asks suspiciously.


“These two weren’t only chasing after the trigger. I have information crucial to them both, and they won’t destroy Storybrooke without it. Put your brains to good use for once! I have to leave. When I do, they’ll come after me. They’ll leave Storybrooke, and I can evade them. They’re honestly not too bright.”


“Then how did they catch you?” David mutters harshly.


Seething, Regina ignores the quip. “Even if they don’t leave, they want to destroy me as much as they want to get rid of the rest of you. You’re all safe if I’m gone.” She admits that last bit with a superior and sarcastic air.


“How do we know that you’re not lying?” David demands.


Regina turns a cold, harsh glare on him. “I’m not,” she growls. And you should be glad that I believe your deaths would hurt Emma and Henry too much to try it, she silently adds.


“Well what do you want?” Mary Margaret asks suspiciously. “You’ve never done anything without there being something in it for you. What’s your motive?”


“You’re right about that,” Regina reluctantly concedes. “I’ll leave Storybrooke, but I’m taking Henry with me.”


“No,” Emma whispers from the stairs.


“Excuse me?”


Emma gets up on shaky feet and turns to face Regina with bleary eyes. “I said that you’re not taking him. It’s you they want—you taking him away from Storybrooke will just put him in danger. We can keep him safe here.”


“I told you, Miss Swan, I can protect myself—and my son.”


“How do you plan to do that? You can’t use magic outside of Storybrooke.”


That is my concern, Miss Swan. I have my own methods of protecting myself and Henry. These people are ruthless. Do you honestly believe that they are above kidnapping a child to get me to return? I hardly think so, and you’re lying to yourself if you claim that they are.”


“Fine. But if you’re taking Henry then I’m going with you. You’re not taking my son away from me. I can take care of myself.” She crosses her arms defiantly.


“Just like you took care of Neal? Oh that’s right, you didn’t.” Regina feels bad for that last stab when she sees the pained look on Emma’s face, but she quickly continues with a detached tone. “Forgive me, Sheriff Swan, but I’m perfectly capable of taking care of my son and myself, and I don’t need your help. I took care of him for ten years after you got yourself locked up in jail, and I will continue to protect him no matter what you say.”


“I’m going and that’s final. You aren’t even strong enough to protect yourself right now, let alone Henry, too.”


“And you’re in so much better of shape.”


Mary Margaret and David, who had been watching the exchange in concern, finally step in. “I think Emma should go,” David comments.


“Neither of you are really in the best of conditions, but both of you would give your lives to protect Henry, and he needs you both right now,” Mary Margaret adds. “Besides, I think getting out of Storybrooke is what’s best for all of you right now.”


Glaring at each other, Emma and Regina mutter in the same unenthusiastic tone, “Fine,” neither possessing the energy to fight for their cause any longer. Despite her exhaustion, Regina is secretly thrilled that her plan is falling into place exactly as she planned.


Just as Emma turns her back on the group, Henry bursts through the door. Confusion fills his features at the sight of his grandparents hovering over one of his damaged mothers while the other stares at him with a stricken face. “What’s wrong?” he asks, quietly closing the door. “Where’s my dad?”


Emma approaches him and wraps her arm around his shoulders. “We have to talk, Kid. You should sit down.”


With Henry sitting quietly in the backseat of the car, Emma and Regina load the trunk of Regina’s Mercedes SL in absolute silence. Emma is obviously grieving the loss of Neal while Regina hides her pleasure at having no one in her way behind a mask of pain and superiority.


Emma slams the trunk shut after the last bag is loaded and grabs Regina’s arm tightly when she tries to walk to the driver’s side. “Just so you know, I’m only doing this for Henry. If it weren’t for him, I would let you lead them away from here with no regrets. But he still loves you, so I’ll try to be nice, but only for his sake. Are we clear?”


Regina jerks her arm out of Emma’s grip and puts on a pair of sunglasses as she turns away. “Crystal.”

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