Best Best Firends.

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true story with my friends. it's about best firneds.

Sorry it's not that good im still trying.=]

Submitted: August 15, 2009

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Submitted: August 15, 2009



Best Friends.

There Were Three Best best friends they loved eachother like they were sisters,

there names were jen mariah and caity,

but there was another girl that was trying to hang out with them

mariah jen and caity did not like her at all

she was mean scary and big,her name was Amanda,

one day Amanda got mariah to hang out with her and jen and caity did not like it now they came best friends

but the true story was jen mariah were Amandas firnends frist but amanda was boring all she wanted to do is sit and mariah and jen did not want to so they started hanging out with caity, amanda and caity were sisters, jen liked caity more and mariah liked Amanda so not its all one big fight caity and jen was hanging out and jen and mariah were friends for a long time but now mariah started hanging out with amanda now jen hangs out with caity and caity jen and mariah had a sleep over at jens and we had lots of fun but we come back and now we are all fighting and we don't know what to do amanda want's us all to be firends but jen and caity don't want that, what should they do?.

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