A Wrong Decision Can Be a Good One(PurpleSkittles145's Contest)

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Amanda and Mike have been friends since age seven. But what Mandy doesn't know is that Mike is desperately in love with her. When Mike makes the wrong decision in confessing to her, though, she rejects him. The two drift apart; Mike moves away to California and Mandy falls in love with another.

What happens when they meet up again four years later.
*hehe sorry that i tweaked the ages a bit. please don't ding me for that

Submitted: April 22, 2011

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Submitted: April 22, 2011



I lost my best friend over one wrong decision. I was ten at the time; almost eleven. Michael was only two months older than me, but I was usually the responsible one.
As a child my mother had convinced me to quit playing with soccer balls and to make a friend for once, so while on vacation she met Mrs. Martinez who had a daughter two years younger than me. My mother immediately decided to arrange a play-date without asking for my permission. You would not believe how upset I was.
The first day I met her I wanted to scream. I was a six-year-old girl being forced to play with a four-year-old who wanted nothing else but to play with Barbie dolls. I hated Barbie and all the clothes that came with her. Not that I hated Marissa. She was a sweetheart, and I loved her. But she wasn't someone I wanted to play with.
By the time vacation was over my mom and I returned to our home in California. Two months into the first grade we recieved word that Marissa's family was moving to town. I couldn't say I was excited, though. The feeling was pretty mutual.
But when they finally came I met the eldest Martinez son for the first time. I hadn't heard of him the whole time we were on vacation that summer. Meeting him was so unexpected.
"Mandy, please be nice during our visit, okay?"
"Mom, I think both of us know that me being nice is pretty much out of the question,"I had replied. My mom and I were walking across the street towards Marissa's new house. It wasn't very large, but it gave me the home feeling I used to have when my dad was still alive. The color was yellow, the same color as my room. Smoke was coming out of the backyard and I could tell they had painted their fence white(I never forgot that house).
When we knocked on the door little Marissa answered it. She was wearing a little blue dress and had a warm smile on her face.
"Amanda!"she had squealed. I bent down to hug her and walked through the front door. Mom and Mrs. Martinez said their hellos and began chatting on the couch. I mouthed "Help me!"to Mr. Martinez as Marissa dragged me to her room. I remember he chuckled and followed us in.
"Princess Rissa, why don't we play a game with your brother while Mandy washes up for the barbecue. OKay?" he had asked.
Marissa hesitantly nodded and allowed her father to lift her up into his arms.
"I didn't know you had a son,"I said.
"Oh, Marissa didn't tell you?"
I shook my head.
"Well today's a good day to introduce you then. He just came back from boarding school. I think you'll like him. But please don't be bothered by his attitude. He's very upset about moving."
I met him through unusual circumstances. I was about to walk into the bathroom when he was . . . well . . . doing his business. We had screamed at the same time, which had drawn Marissa into the room. I rushed out with a horrified expression on my face. During dinner Marissa blurted out to her parents and my mother of what had happened, and Michael and I found ourselves turning red.
Later while helping with him with the dishes we found something we had in common. Marissa was our little sister. "To you by blood and to me by addiction." When he enrolled in school and we found ourselves in the same class we grew closer. He was my best friend. I hadn't made the wrong decision in walking in on him. Later on it was one of our best memories.

At age eleven we were in seperated classrooms. We still had regular play-dates after school and hung out with each other during recess. We were on the same soccer team and were inseperable. Our families had gone on several vacations together during past summers and spring, winter, and fall breaks. Even in seperated classrooms we stayed close. He even helped me once when I was going through a hard time.
"What's wrong, Mandy?"he asked me while I was whimpering in the corner of the playground.
I sniffed and choked out, "My Mommy's getting married again."
"What?That's great!"
I kicked him in the knee and wailed. "It's not great!Only my dad's my dad. You can't just glue an addition to my family and act like they belong."
He kneeled down so that we were face to face. "But, Amanda, haven't you realized that your mom's happy with this new finace? Don't you want your mother to be happy?"
I nodded.
"Then why don't you let her marry Dave. You never know. He's nice to you, right?"
"Well yeah but isn't that a requirement?"
Mike laughed. "It could be if he wanted to. But he chose to be nice so you could accept him and that you would trust him and have him as your best friend."
"But you're my best friend."
"Well, your other best friend. Your mom didn't make the wrong decision. David's a nice guy. So can't you try to be happy?For you mom?And your daddy?And for me?"
"Yes for my mom. Not so sure for my dad. And for you? I guess so."I tried a smile as the bell rang. "Actually absolutely yes for you. I love you Mikey."
He grinned at this.

Later that year the worst thing happened. Michael confessed. He loved me, but more than a friend. I just couldn't accept it. He made the wrong decision.
"I'm sorry, Michael. I can't love you back. We're just friends."

Two weeks later he moved . . . and without telling me. He left me so depressed and alone. I realized how much I depended on him to keep me happy, because when he left I felt a whole part of my happiness gone. Mike - my best friend for the longest time - was gone.



"Hey, Babe,"I greeted as I caught up to my boyfriend, almost four years later.
"Hey, Amanda, how are you?"Ian said back, grasping my shoulders and pulling me in for a kiss.
When I pulled back I replied, "Been good. Vacation, not so exciting but relaxing."
He looked into my face with disbelief. "No you didn't."
I pulled away from his grasp. "What do you mean?"
"You look sad, as always. But you're tired. What have you been up to?"
"Nothing,"I murmered. "I have to get to class. Love you." I began walking away as he said "I love you"back. I looked down at my feet guiltily.
Stop lying to youself, Mandy. I thought. You don't love Ian.

I shook my head as I continued walking to class rather quickly. Mr. Jensen welcomed the class back from break abruptly and began the lesson.
This was my favorite class, but today my mind was drifting off. I pulled a piece of folded paper out of my pocket and read it behind the protection of my propped-up books.

Dear Mike,
Why won't you write back?It hurts to be writing you over and over again just to be ignored. I would call you but I don't think I'm ready for that. Why doesn't your family come to Maine for vacation anymore?We used to love to go there every break, remember?
I know I broke your heart, but that was four years ago! Please reply this time, or at least come to visit. I'm depressed.
Amanda, (if you remember me)

"Miss Sanches." I found myself tearing up as my books were laid flat and I was exposed in front of the entire class. Mr. Jensen was standing in front of my desk. "Perhaps you would like to share that note in front of the class."
I shook my head violently and folded the letter. "No. It's private."
He grunted. "But if it's that important as to you having to pay more attention to the note than to my lesson then maybe I need to read it."
I thought of protesting, but I gave in anyway. I handed him the letter, trying to hold back my tears as he read it to himself. A second later, without a word he handed the note back and walked to his desk. He scribbled something on a piece of paper and made his way back to my desk.
I stood up and got my backpack. "Thank you,"I whispered before slipping out of the classroom.
I made my way to the office and handed a woman the note. She looked up at me.

"You're one of those "popular" kids, right?"she asked.
"I am."
"Are you sure you're not faking?You kids are the right ones with the make up and the acting methods."
I shook my head.
"Well go on home then."
I walked out of the office and out the door into the odd autumn heat.

Who are you kidding, Amanda?My concsience began. You can't go on like this. Face it!You don't love Ian, you hate cheerleading, and you can't stand all the popularity. You just want to be Mandy again. Amanda isn't you.

I thought of Ian first. The spiky black hair, the pale skin, the football player structure. Not to mention the jerk he could be around his friends. My conscience was right. I couldn't love him. I made the wrong decision there.

And then there was the fact where I traded in my cleats for pompoms. I hated the cheerleading uniforms and all the injuries I had gotten during practices. I was considered good at it, but I longed to play soccer again. Another wrong decision.

I was never that popular at the beginning of high school, but by the time Ian asked me out my ranking at this school went up a thousand points. Everyone suddenly began paying more attention to me, as if I were famous over night. One of my worst wong decisions.

No one called me Mandy anymore. Even my mom and Dave forgot to call my Mandy. It was just all about Amanda Sanches and her boyfriend, her butt, and her popularity. I felt that no one could see the real me anymore. What had I done to myself?

I didn't go home straight away. I walked there and threw my backpack over the fence, but I didn't enter. Instead I looked across the street at Michael's old house. It hadn't changed, even though new people were living there now. They had two sons, one my age. They found the nerve to flirt with me every once in a while, but I felt nothing for them. I had a boyfriend, even if I didn't like him very much.

If only Mike were here to see me now. He would probably faint at the sight of me and say, "Who are you and what have you done to Mandy?" I grinned to myself and thought back to a moment we had had together.
"Mandy, what are you doing?!"
I looked back at him, shocked. He seemed to share the same expression. I had covered my face in my mother's blush and lipstick, a little too much actually. "Trying to look prettier."
"I thought we were going out to play soccer."
"We are. Just let me finnish first."
"Honestly, Mandy, you look better without all that make up. Please don't turn into your older sisters. I would miss you."

And here I was now. wearing a sundress and my face covered with tons of make up.

"Excuse me?"I heard a voice behind me. I turned around and found myself face-to-face with a small girl. She had long brown hair and brown eyes, just like Mikey. Her voice was soft and sweet, and oddly familiar.
"Need anything?"I asked.
"My brother's lost. He wanted me to come over and ask if you could be kind enough to give us directions."
I peered over the girl's shoulder and saw a teenage guy with curly brown hair and brown eyes. He held a map in his arms and had a twisted expression on his face. He was a stranger, and my mother said to never talk to strangers. Would I make the wrong decision once again?
"Okay,"I said to the little girl.
"Great. I'm Marissa by the way."
"Oh." Marissa? "My name's Amanda." I felt Amanda was reasonable at the moment. I looked nothing like Mandy.
"Hmm. I used to know an Amanda. She lives in this very same neighborhood. Unless she moved already. But I doubt it. The poor girl keeps sending my brother, Mike, these letters and he never replies. He says he has his own matters to deal with in Washington, and that even if he did reply she would never love him the way he loved her. Well he still loves her, but I guess he moved on. He doesn't even want to go to Maine anymore for vacation. You know Amanda's family and my family used to always go to there for vacation?It's dead to him now. But not to me. I miss our beach house there."
My heart was pounding now. Tears were gathering. "Oh."I choked. "How old are you, Marissa?"
"Thirteen. My brother's fifteen."
"Is your last name Martinez?"I was near to tears now.
"Yes. How did you know?"
The flood gates opened up. I threw my arms around a confused Marissa and cried out. "I've missed you, Marissa."

She pulled back and looked at me like I was crazy. "Amanda?"she asked uneasily. But then her face brightened up. "MANDY!"
I nodded and hugged her again.
Together, we walked up to her brother.
"Michael, you'll never guess what happened,"Marissa quealed.
"What?"he asked his younger sibling.
"This right here is-"
"Someone who could help you,"I cut in. Marissa asked me through her eyes, What?
"Okay then,"Michael said. "Can you tell us how to get to the bus station? We're supposed to meet someone there in an hour."
I nodded and took Marissa's hand. "I would love to lead you guys there. But it'll be quite a walk on foot."

"No worries,"he reassured me. "We're not in much of a hurry."
My face brightened up as we started walking down the sidewalk.
"So what's your name?"I asked him.
"Michael. But you can call me Mike. What's your name?"
"Hm. I used to know an Amanda. She was my best friend until . . . " He paused.
"Until what?"Iasked, biting my lip.
"Nothing. I made a wrong decision and it was all over. I didn't even have the guts to tell her I was moving."
"That's terrible. She must have felt so heartbroken."
"I doubt it. I was the one who felt heartbroken. She took my happiness away." From the corner of my eye I could see he was hurt. But I was too.
"You probably took hers too."
"As I said, I doubt it." It was getting harder to hold my tears down, so I changed the subject.

"So how's your life in Washington?"I asked.
"It's been good."
"Anything going on in your love life?"
"Yeah. I met this really nice girl and we just became a couple last month. Her name's Adrienne."
"Oh,"I sighed. "This girl, Adrienne. Is she helping you about the Amanda thing?"
"No. I can't help it. I want to hate Amanda, but I keep this feeling that she's right beside me. Especially right now that I'm back in Long Beach."
"So you're staying here?"
"Not for long. My dad just had to finnish some business he left here some four years ago when I was eleven. After that we should be gone about forever."
Forever? "Aren't you gonna say good bye to her at least. I bet she writes you."
"No. It would be too painful. I cry just by reading the letters she sends me every once a week. I couldn't even bear to read the last letter she sent me, so I sent it back."
"Harsh. She must be so disappointed."
"I don't know. I lost all contact with her after I left."
"I think you're running away from something, Mikey."
He stopped walking and looked at me. "What?"
"I think you're running . . . from the fact that you made a wrong decision. But sometimes . . . A Wrong Decision Can Be a Good One." Tears were well down my face now.
"Hey, hey, what's wrong?"he asked me.

"I think you're just running from the fact that you love her, and that you think loving her was one of the worst decisions of your life. That's why you don't write me . . . I mean her back. It's because you think she will never love you back, and that her dicisions are always right. And that to love you is a wrong one. Decisions, decisions. That's what your whole life is about, Mike. Decisions."

Marissa looked up at her brother. He looked puzzled, very puzzled. He wasn't as smart as before.

"Nevermind,"I sighed, wiping the tears away. "The bus station's just around the corner to the left. I think you can find it." My legs were aching from our walk here, and the lump in my throat made things worse.
Marissa took my hands in hers. "Can't you take us up there? I'd really love your company."
But I shook my head sadly. "You should just go, Princess Rissa. It's be the right decision for me not to go on.Just remember me, okay?"
I touched the locket around my neck and recalled another memory for the last time.
"Happy birthday, Mandy,"Mike called as he stood before my desk. He held something behind his back, and I looked at him suspiciously.
"Don't you want your present right now?"
"My party's later. I only turn eight once you know."
"I know, but I couldn't wait."He held my present up in one swift movement. "Happy birthday."
I took the golden locket from him and held it to my heart. "I love it."

I took that locket from around my neck and handed it to Marissa. "GIve this to him once you get to the bus station, okay?"

She took the locket reluctantly and held it up. She looked at me. "It's beautiful."
"He gave it to me,"I whispered, stealing a glance at him who was looking out into the horizon.
I turned to Michael and extended my arm. "Good bye, Mike." I said, confidence finding its way back to me.
He shook my hand. "Bye, Amanda."
With one last look from Marissa the siblings took each other's hands and began walking toward the station. I followed them to the corner, but not farther than that. I watched as Michael met up with a blonde girl. Adrienne. They kissed, but I was feeling slightly less unhappy. That was it. I was over him. Before I turned back around the corner I saw Marissa give her brother the locket, after Adrienne went elsewhere. He looked shocked, embarrassed, and confused. His eyes darted back to where I was. Ismiled and waved at him one last time. Without waiting for his reaction I began walking the way I had come from.

I smiled again. I was happy. Even if we just spent a brief moment together I was relieved to finally let him go. It might have been the wrong decision in letting him go like that. Actually I might never know if it was the right or wrong decision. But as I said . . . A Wrong Decision Can Be A Good One.

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