Hectic Day before a Calming Paradise

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THIS IS A TRUE STORY! This is what happened to me at the airport when I was eight years old. It's funny really. Here's how it starts: Fatigue. This obtrusive feeling is often secluded within the snappy emotions of the victim portraying irritation. It does not necessarily mean that it is irritation alone that the victim feels, but whenever I experience fatigue, my exhaustion seems to come out the "wrong way", whether it is funny or not.

Submitted: January 23, 2012

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Submitted: January 23, 2012



Hectic Day before Calming Paradise

Fatigue. This obtrusive feeling is often secluded within the snappy emotions
of the victim portraying irritation. It does not necessarily mean that it is irritation
alone that the victim feels, but whenever I experience fatigue, my exhaustion
seems to come out the "wrong way" , whether it is funny or not.

Time: 3:30 a.m
What: Still sleeping
Mood: Peaceful
Forecast: To be woken up

This was how I woke up the morning after the previous day of swimming
non-stop for four hours: "Rise and shine! Time to go to the airport! Are you excited?
I can't wait! I wonder what the cruise will be like? Did you remember to pack your
motion sickness pills?" I took my Scooby Doo pillow and covered my face with it,
trying to drone out the constant buzzing sound coming from my mother's mouth.
"Come on! I said get up!" she continued while playfully pushing me off the
bed. "Hey, what did you do that for?" I yelled, my eyes were still half closed.
"Just get ready to go to the airport." she replied and left my room. I sighed
and did "the daily" of washing my face, brushing my teeth, getting dressed, and
combing my hair. My head barely reached above the counter top, but on my
footstool, I felt like I was on top of the world.

Time: 4:15 a.m
What: Eating breakfast
Mood: Slightly annoyed
Forecast: To be rushed out

This was how my breakfast went four o' clock in the morning: "The shuttle is
here! Are you ready? Let's go!" my father yelled at the door, not bothering to look
back and see what I was doing. At that time I was enjoying my daily bowl of fruit
loops. I sadly looked down at my half-eaten cereal and sighed. I went over to the
trash, picked out the loops, and left the bowl with the milk inside for my cat.
"I'm coming!" I said as I ran upstairs, almost forgetting about my Scooby Doo
pillow. I would never leave the house without it.

Time: 4:30 a.m
What: Sleeping...again
Mood: Somewhat peaceful
Forecast: To be embarrassed

This was how the trip on the shuttle bus went: "Mom?" I yawned and looked
up, but instead of seeing my Mom I saw that I was sleeping on the shoulder of a
bearded guy that I was sitting next to. I looked to my left but my "helpful" Mom was
sleeping on the window. I quickly looked back at his shoulder wishing, praying, that
there wasn't a--oh no. On his shoulder rested a wet spot; a drool  mark.
"I-uh-I'm sorry!" I whispered, just loud enough so he could hear me. He
looked at me with an annoyed expression but said nothing, making the situation
more awkward then it already was. Should I ask him if I can wipe it off for him? No,
I'll just look out the window and pretend that it never happened.

Time: 5:20 a.m
What: At the airport
Mood: Extremely tired
Forecast: To arrive at the gate

This is what happened at the airport before we arrived at the gate: "Mom, I'm
tired!" I whined, not even having enough strength to yell anymore. I remembered
the previous day of vigorous training as I trudged my carry-on suitcase in one hand
and Scooby with the other, always a mile behind my parents.
"Try and hurry up please. Our plane leaves pretty soon, so lets find gate C14
and then we can go eat," my mother explained.
"Well that's better then being interrupted during your meal," I snapped. My
Mom turned around and gave me the look that said shut-it-or-I'll-shut-you.
"Whatever," I mumbled under my breath. Good thing she didn't hear me, or I
would not be here today.

Time: 5:30 a.m
What: At the airport
Mood: Almost fulfilled
Forecast: To the restroom

This is what happened after we got situated: "This tastes amazing!" I
exclaimed, taking a rather large bite out of a Burger King jr. whopper. Being a
hungary eight year old; anything could taste good. I don't know if it's bad parenting
to be letting their child eat a greasy hamburger at five thirty in the morning, but
when I was both hungary and tired; I would stop at nothing to get what I wanted.
"You have ketchup all over your face. Go to the bathroom and wash it off,"
my father ordered. I finished the last bite and headed over to the restroom. I went
over to the sink and frowned. How was I suppose to reach the sink without a
footstool? I looked around the room but didn't see any. I looked under the sink. A
footstool!  I grabbed the bench and placed it in front of the sink.
As I stepped up and turned the faucet on, a lady approached the sink next to
me. I turned to her a flashed a huge grin with ketchup still on my cheeks, all the
while feeling on top of the world again. She looked at me strangely, sped up the
process of washing her hands and quickly backed out of the bathroom. What was
that about?

Time: 5:35 a.m
What: In the bathroom
Mood: Back to being tired
Forecast: To be lost

This is what happened after the awkward encounter: I stepped out of the
restroom feeling proud; that was the first time I had ever gone anywhere by myself. I
strode a few feet but stopped. Wait...wasn't my gate C14? I looked at the gate in
front of me but it read A17. I ran to the next gate, weaving in and out of the crowd,
but the numbers kept getting further away from my gate. By now I was feeling really
tired; it felt like my legs were like jello and my head just couldn't wrap around the
situation. I couldn't take it anymore! I walked over to the side of the walkway and
cried, letting all of today's frustrations leak out of my eyes and onto the neatly
swept-up floors of the airport. After awhile I felt a light tap on my shoulder.
"Miss, are you okay?" a voice of a woman said. I shook my head but refused
to look at her. "Are you lost?" she asked. How did she know? I wiped my eyes with
both palms and looked at her. She had a badge on so I guess she worked here.
"Lets get you to your mommy and daddy, shall we?" she suggested in a kind
tone. "Do you remember what gate your parents are at?" she asked. "Y-yeah, it's
C14." I sniffed. My voice cracked at the end.
"Okay then, follow me please," she said and lead the way. I followed close
behind her, but it was difficult since my head only reached to about her waist. After
awhile we stopped. "Here we are, gate C14," she said. I saw my mother come
rushing towards me, her arms were extended in front of her.
"Sweetie! Where were you? Are you alright? Who is this lady? Did she help
you? Thank you so much!" my mother rambled on while keeping me in a tight
"Yes, she must have exited out the other door in the restroom."
the lady replied. There were two exits? After what seemed like forever and a day,
my mother and the lady finished talking. "Thank you again!" my mother called after
her. The lady looked back and I waved shyly. "Come on, they are boarding now."
my mother calmly spoke.

Time: Who cares?
What: I don't know
Mood: Fatigued
Forecast: Whatever

I opened my eyes sleepily. "Mommy, where am I?" I murmured, my head
rested on something soft. "I know your tired, go back to sleep so we can enjoy a  
good vacation." she whispered. I nodded slowly and fell back asleep on Scooby

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