Drunk Driver.

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To think that after everything she's been through, it's gotta be a drunk driver that almost kills her. PLEASE LET HER LIVE.

Submitted: January 05, 2010

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Submitted: January 05, 2010



Drunk driver, drunk driver, you're out of your mind.
Drunk driver, drunk driver, don't pretend that you're fine.
Bottles scattered around, just how much did you drink?
Stagger to your car, you don't even stop to think.
Open the door, fall onto the chair.
You're almost blinded by the headlight's glare.
Put in the keys, start up the car.
You begin to drive but don't get very far.

Drunk driver, drunk driver, where are your mates?
They're laughing while you struggle to hit the breaks.
Speeding by trucks, you swivvle and swerve,
Only narrowly avoiding that coming curve.
With the windows down, you feel the breeze of the night.
Step on the pedal, fly through red lights.

Drunk driver, drunk driver, stop, there's a car!
Drunk driver, drunk driver, you're going too fast.
Your friends are laughing from the back seat.
They don't hear the other car's beep.
A blinding light then a booming crash.
It all goes black as two cars smash.

Drunk driver, drunk driver, do you hear that sound?
See the ambulances from where you lie on the ground.
Feeling fuzzy, it's all like a dream,
But you know you're awake when you look at the scene;
A young girl is lying by her car.
Her face is pale, there's blood on her arms.
Cold and limp, her skin is stained red.
With one last glance, you realize she's dead.

Drunk driver, drunk driver, you only wanted some fun.
But now look around, see the damage you've done.

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