I'll Meet Her At Twelve

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Submitted: December 22, 2009

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Submitted: December 22, 2009



I met her in a meadow, it was late in the night
We spoke of the demons we tried hard to disguise
We spoke about what we were hiding inside
And twelve hours later I watched as She died

One hour after I met her she told me her name

Another hour passed and I noticed her pain

By the third hour she explained she was all by herself

By the fourth I could tell she needed some help


Five hours had passed as we sat in the dark

The only light coming from the passing by cars


We sat and we talked, shared the story of our lives

About how we woke up, kept breathing, and somehow survived


Six hours since we started she showed me her arms

I wasn't suprised to see the scars of self-harm

Cuts and bruises covered her pale skin

She told me how she had let the razor blade win


On the seventh hour she told me a secret

I crossed my heart and promised to keep it


As the eighth hour past she began to grow weak

It caused her pain to simply speak


At the ninth hour she started to cry

I think she knew she was going to die


Ten o'clock came and she regained her self-control

But I could still sense the hurt in her soul


Time ticked by fast as she spoke of her past
She'd told me so much and it was only the start


As the night wore on we began to whisper

The wind blew by and together we shivered


Soon she was freezing and I could tell she was sick

But she only smiled as away her life ticked


That's when she told me about how she was "ill"

And I didn't know what to say or how to feel

She was hiding something, I could tell from her eyes

She smiled slightly but it was just a disguise

Then she spoke softly and I was struck by what I heard her say

She told me her illness was taking her away


I hardly knew this girl, yet she and I felt so close

But soon her being was nothing but a ghost


It was 11:59 when she finally slipped away

Her eyes wouldn't live to see another day


And although she is gone I know she is well;

For eleven hours I knew her, And I'll Meet Her At Twelve

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