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A mythological explanation of the creation of the world.

Submitted: March 08, 2012

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Submitted: March 08, 2012




There was nothing but darkness, blank black nothingness. Then a light began to grow from the middle, growing until it illuminated everything. Once there was light, it became apparent that there was something other than nothing. There was a sea, a sea that spanned the universe, never ending.

The goddess, Amondi appeared, in the form of a baobab. She grew and grew on the floor of the sea, until she broke through the surface. Amondi’s roots lifted up and floated to the top of the water then spread forming vines. The vines wrapped around the water, forming a sphere, all the water of the universe was held back by the vines. The vines grew some more and closed holding the water inside, only leaving the ocean visible. The vines flattened and thickened creating the sandy desert ground, and from the ground many trees and grasses grew.

Amondi liked what she created, and said it shall be called Earth. Then she reached her branches up high, and created the sky. For a long time Amondi was content; but then she grew sad, for her creation was barren with no movement. So she created the wind. The wind tickled the trees, and in return the trees playfully batted the wind away. It danced through the tall yellow grass, and rolled over the seas. So Amondi was happy again.

The wind did not last forever though; it came and went, never staying too long. So Amondi created the rains, but soon she became angry that it did not bring her world to life. So she cursed the rains only allowing them to fall once a year.

Amondi finally decided to create a creature that could move, so she created the snake. She was filled with so much glee when she saw the snake slither around, that she wanted to create more creatures. She filled the sea with many different creatures, and blessed them; for the sea was from which everything originated.

She then created the birds, making them more beautiful than anything before. But they thought themselves too majestic to listen to the goddess. So the goddess cursed them by giving them flight, to keep them away from her precious planet. Then it came time to give the snake company on land. So Amondi made all of the land creatures. She created the giraffes, gazelles, rhinos, and lions; and neither cursed nor blessed them, but left it up to their actions.

After many years of her being pleased with her creation, she found that she wanted someone to watch over her beloved planet. That is when she got the idea to create the humans. She gave the humans intelligence, but in fear that they too, like the birds, would reject her, made them humble. She taught them to form tribes, with the eldest woman as chief, and to pass on knowledge to the young ones. Amondi also taught them to take only what was necessary to live, and to never destroy the baobab tree. She did that, so they would know how to watch best over the planet and keep it safe, so that it would only be necessary for her to return if they forgot their duties.

She told her humans to teach her ways to the young ones. If they obeyed her rulings, all of her people could go to the great ocean under the earth after they died and be blessed. But if they forgot the ways, they were doomed to roam the skies for eternity with the birds. Amondi warned, that if at any point she no longer had any followers, then she would again take up the form of the baobab, and release the water she held in her roots, destroying the planet.

Once she was sure the humans would watch over her world, she left her baobab form, giving it the task to hold the sky from the earth. Every so often she returns to her baobab to watch over her creation and make sure all is well in the world.

© Copyright 2017 Kalaina Lasurn. All rights reserved.

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