I'm Glad you're Alive

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A news article for an eerie event.

Submitted: February 16, 2012

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Submitted: February 16, 2012




Tragedy struck the Beckett family yesterday evening. The ordinary American family consisted of Mark, 55, Cindy, 54, Clark, 23, and Tessa 19.What is even odder is that none of the family members were near each other when the fatalities occurred.

 Cindy Beckett died in a car accident on her way home from work at four fifteen pm in White-Plains. She was driving on the highway when a drunk driver crossed three lanes of traffic, resulting in a head on collision.

Less than thirty minutes later when Clark was walking his dog in Amsterdam. A drive by shooting occurred. Medics arrived and brought him to the hospital for surgery to the gunshot wound, where he died on the operating table at four twenty-eight pm. Police believe that he was not the intended target.

Tessa was in her dorm room after class when she collapsed. Her roommate phoned 911. Tessa was in the hospital clutching to life when she died at four forty-five pm. It was discovered she had stage four undiagnosed colon cancer.

Co-workers of Mark say that the phone was ringing in Mark’s office in Schenectady around five pm. Who was on the other end? No other than the police attempting to contact Mark about the other family members’ deaths. Mark never did hear that phone call though. After the phone was ringing for some time a coworker spotted Mark; who had fallen to the floor and died. Doctors confirmed a heart attack as the cause of death. According to Dr. Jacobs, “It was completely unexpected – he had appeared in perfect health at his check-up just last week.”

Every member of this family died within an hour of each other. None were even notified of the others’ deaths. Some believe that Mark’s heart attack was caused by him somehow knowing the fate of his family.

What’s even stranger is a Facebook post from Tessa to Clark just that day. Tessa wrote “I’m glad you’re alive” to which Clark replied, “me too.” Tessa’s roommate, Elaina Hanson explains the strange message. Elaina said Tessa had woken up that morning and told Elaina about an odd dream that she had.

Tessa told Elaina, “I was in a hallway, but there weren’t any walls. It wasn’t inside or out, it was just there. There was pure white sand covering the ground, and my family was there. We walked down the hallway in silence. Then we reached this big room. It was so bright I could barely see; the floor was sand here too. There were three door frames in the room. There was a blinding light in each of the doors, so we couldn’t see where they led. Suddenly we were all hugging each other and saying goodbye. I started walking towards the light right before I woke up.” Elaina explained that Tessa had told her brother about this dream, and then joked on Facebook about it having no idea that the dream would come true just a few hours later.

Eerie coincidence, or premonition, we may never know.

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