A day out

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A story about a girl who is waiting to meet her boy friend.

Submitted: August 23, 2012

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Submitted: August 23, 2012




I was waiting outside. It was 4.38 in the evening and thought that it was a good day. It was about to rain so I went inside a shop. Tried to call but it said the phone is switched off. As we discussed that we will meet at 4.00 in the evening I was waiting impatiently.

I started looking at the clothes inside the shop. It was an old house which has been redesigned, blended with modern and old furniture. Though I liked the place I did not enjoy. Waiting for more than half an hour was nothing but not answering the phone was worrying me a lot.

I was roaming around the shop alone and it was making me more impatient. I went near the glass door and it was hard to see what is happening outside. Got on to a chair.. again stood up and went around the shop. Went up and down, one corner to another. One of the staff members in the shop asked whether I needed some help. It embarrassed me. I thought of going out of the shop.

It was windy and cold. I was desperate to meet. No three wheelers to be found. It was 5.30 and thought of buying a book and reading it. I had no way to go home. Then again thought of calling Amma and asked her to send the car for me.

It took a long time for me to get into the car and go home. I was angry for not answering my calls, I was angry for making me wait alone when it was raining so hard. Amma was scolding me for getting late. I rushed to my room before Thatta sees me wet.

 I did not think of losing my hope of contacting. So I dial the number again and again. I thought of contacting a close friend. He said that he has no idea. Called another but the reply was same. Many things came to my mind since that was not normal at all. I wanted to forgive and two tear drops came out at once then I could not stop the rest.

I was all alone inside my room. Memories of our past, happy life and sad moments came to my mind as I was watching a movie.

I was sitting on a place where I could see his face of him. My feeling for him was so much. When he smiled at me I felt like that I am the only girl in this world. One would say that I was stupid another would say that I was proud. I have no right to argue.

Coming back to the story, only we two were there in the room. He came to talk with me with a bundle of books. I was shy and I tried to ignore. I heard someone singing “ when I see you smile…..” One came inside the room with rose in hand then another.. I knew what was going to happen. Yes! That was what was exactly inside my heart. As soon as I closed my eyes a tear drop came out and took it into his hand and said that he does not like to see them.

We played pool and checkers with each other most of the time. I was good at targeting since I was patient and he was good at checkers. I always think that he is brainy. We loved going for swimming together and he loved to ride bikes. He always asked me to cover myself from a jacket as he did not want me to get dark or get burnt by the sun. He used to feed me when I was not well and…

Suddenly I heard my phone ringing. It was a call from his best friend. My eyes got closed.  

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A day out

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