Escaping my Fate

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Have you ever just known what is in store for you and tried to change things, to escape what is what is waiting for you?

Submitted: December 10, 2017

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Submitted: December 10, 2017






You ever step back and look at the direction your life is going and see how it will all play out?  I have, and I didn’t like it.  I’m beautiful and was popular.  I could be on the cheer squad and when I become a senior I would be head cheer leader and date the captain of the football team.  We will get married and I’ll have a few kids.  In a few years I start resenting my life and start drinking, maybe find a doctor to give me a prescription for pills to dull my senses so I can make it through the day.  One day I’ll wake up and look in the mirror and it will be my mom looking back at me.  Yeah that is what I saw when I stepped back and looked at my life.


Maybe there is nothing I can do and that day looking into the mirror and seeing my mom is my fate, but I am determined to fight it.  I quit the cheer squad, I stop hanging out with the other popular kids.  I had ditched my old friends for the popular crowd when I started high school, but sophomore year they accepted me back.


I heard the whispers in the halls, and seen the notes being passed around.  The rumors ran the gambit, I had turned lesbian like Maggie.  I felt sorry for them and was trying to raise their social status.  The best was the fact that I was playing some joke on them and will make them look like fools in the end.  None of that was true.  I liked Maggie, well because she wasn’t afraid to be herself.  Brad, he was a nerd and geek, but he was going someplace with his brains.  Big Stan is sweet, I know he likes me and I wish I felt the same way, but I don’t.  Mickey is a bad boy and I don’t know if I like him because my parents don’t or just cause he is Mickey.


Right now, I don’t know what my future might hold, but it isn’t what I had seen when I had put on that mask and pretended to be little miss perfect.  I’m not saying that all popular kids in high school are fakes, but a lot are.  That big football player is scared and that oh so cheerful party girl feels sad and lonely.  They just hide their insecurity behind being petty and mean.


My big revelation came from my mother if you can believe it.  I had made cheer squad my freshmen year and when I told my mom she had to tell me how she had done it also.  Every big event I had my mom beamed with pride telling me how I was so much like her when she was my age.  The more she told me how much alike we are, the more I could see that day rushing towards me.  I felt trapped.  Don’t get me wrong, my mom is great for a pill popping alcoholic, she makes sure the maid has dinner on time and the house clean.  My dad is just as bad, he just doesn’t pop the pills, his drug of choice is work and younger women.  He will never get divorced, but he plays around all the time.


My revelation wasn’t the only thing that made me go back to my old friends.  During the summer after my freshmen year I started feeling things.  Danberry is not your typical town as far as I can tell, I haven’t lived anyplace else, but how many towns have a huge haunted house right outside of town?  Besides that, stuff happens here that can’t really be explained and most of the people ignore it.  I guess I was like that, but during that summer I started noticing things, little things at first, but by start of school it was big.


In the center of the town is The Green, it is a park with a huge tree in the center.  I had passed by it hundreds of times, but is started noticing the silence around it.  Dogs refuse to go near it and I have never seen a bird in its branches.  That was strange enough when I first noticed it, but soon I was seeing ghostly figures dangling from it.  I got so curious, I looked into the town’s history and it turns out that at one point the tree was known as the hanging tree.  They would hang people from the branches.  I know it sounds crazy and I would love to just stop seeing this stuff, but I can’t.  If I had tried to tell the people at the popular table I would have been pushed out, my old friends, they may not have seen what I have, but they believe me.



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