A Poem for Faith

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Beginning as simple birthday present for someone dear, later, by the Will of God, becoming a poetic representation of what a person's life state looks like before Christ, and one after Christ comes in and begins to work.

Submitted: December 14, 2011

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Submitted: December 14, 2011




A Poem for Faith


It all seemed to happen, not too long ago

My trust in myself, and my head hanging low

Not knowing where to turn

Where’s left, what’s right?

My shame to be related to a cold, endless night


Envious of many, their glory and their fame

But what’s in this life for me?

Do I even have a name?

The streets of my heart are left gray and deserted

My feelings running short and my morals perverted


With my fingers growing numb, and my blood going dry

I don’t know where I am, I’ve forgotten how to cry

My existence has no purpose, my memory is blank

My dreams have fallen into pieces,

My ship for my soul has sank


What else is there to do but simply fall apart?

Life has torn me to pieces and ripped out my heart

I lie in the street, begging myself to die

The last empty image I recall

Was staring up at the sky


Then You came down like a clever thief in the night

You took me by the hand; I knew you were The Light

Your touch was so gentle, but yet ever so firm

Like a massage to a muscle, a chill to a burn

I did not recognize You, but somehow I did

Like someone who had always been there

Ever since I was a kid


I didn’t notice it at first, but I found myself floating

How amazing to be lifted off my feet without knowing!

You breathed into my mouth like a cool winter breeze,

Yet my body ceased to shiver, and my

Heart was brought to peace


You revealed to me my purpose, and that

I was beautiful in Your sight

Your presence was overwhelming,

Altogether soothing, warm, and tight


You gave me eyes to see with everything

New at a glance

You said, “Follow me.” and you taught me how to dance


You gave me food to eat, and in You I

Found my rest

I found my life to be real again, and

Promised to give You my best


You revealed to me a road, in which my destinies would lie

I didn’t think I’d make, but You

Made me want to try


I let You take the lead, for you’re

Mighty, glorious, and true

You never left my sight, you stuck

To me like glue


And there are still days I fall, days

I don’t even know

But you still carry me and say,

“I will never let you go”…

© Copyright 2018 Kaleb Schlatter. All rights reserved.

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