Heart Held

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The word "heart" is used in many different ways and can appear to used so flippantly to where people may have a false understanding to what the heart really is...... It's amazing how when I begin to write for this girl, God puts my pen to paper and has me write realizations that not even I thought of. It's amazing how He works! Praise His Name forever!

Submitted: December 26, 2011

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Submitted: December 26, 2011




Hold My Heart


Organ, blood-pump, simple body part;

The words many depict when they think about “the heart”


A bio-mechanical machine simply doing its best

While it circulates the blood-flow in the layers of the chest

But to me, it means more, and this I must confess

That the significance of the heart is not so bound by the flesh


Many try to shape it, examine, and define

But this definition is faulted, or at least not in sync with mine

So listen to my words, I pray they not be bleak

For it’s out of the overflow of the heart that the mouth begins to speak


The heart is a container, full of empty space

And it is easily filled up, dried out, and encased

The inner emotional center of the body and the mind

The gateway to all feeling, the only one of its kind


Strange how it is not seen, but can still yet be shared

How at times it can be quite flippant, but can also need prepared

That its depths can be shallow or deeper than believed

And can be the source of true strength, but still easily deceived


Amazing that it is something clearly every person holds

While some can easily show it, though others aren’t so bold

Contents of it poured out, displayed for all to see

But it itself cannot be seen, or at least by the eyes of me


So the heart’s the center of life, what we call a master’s home

But why is a master necessary? Because we can’t manage on our own

Many choose to occupy with their emptiness and pain

This does nothing but bring destruction, strong decay, and crimson stain


So if the heart cannot be maintained without merely growing cold

Does this mean we ought to grip more tightly, or that it must be sold?

For by what hand can a life be safe and truly secure?

Keeping its drive center and its elements so pure?


Who can really give one promise and to the heart afford?

The answer becomes quite evident when it’s in the hands of the Lord.


© Copyright 2018 Kaleb Schlatter. All rights reserved.

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