Unseen in times of Peace, Seen in times of Injustice

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic

an english assignment...enjoy

We lurk in full view.
Others just pass on by.
We try to stay hidden, do our best to lay low,
But trouble always finds us
Especially in the place we call ‘home’.
We are always the ones to be blamed,
Without a chance to have a say.
Our hands stay tied up, our mouths remain shut,
As we are carried away.
We are treated like strangers, peasants
And freakin’ rats.
They lock us up
And don’t give a damn.
Our pain is invisible
Our shadows our own
Our partner is loneliness
We walk life alone.
Invisible wounds,
Are the hardest to heal.
The hurt we are feeling is just unreal.
We walk around as if everything is good and dandy,
But we hide behind a mask--
A mask of oppression.
Invisible pain,
It lurks all around.
It kills us inside,
Without making a sound.
Could it be that we stand alone,
In a world filled with belief and care?
When Katrina flooded, help was on its way.
When Haiti caved in, people stood and prayed.
Men and women went out to the rubble,
To help the innocent that were in trouble.
But what about in Pakistan?
It was considered one of the worst.
Where was the world then?
Aren’t we innoncet enough?
The minute that plane boarded
Our fates were all sealed.
No one saw it coming,
Nothing can change the past,
What happened, happened.
But does it have to be like that?
We are not one of them.
Nor do we want to be.
We are invisible among a nation
That wont give us a chance to be seen.

Submitted: October 02, 2010

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