The Blind's Creation

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Imagine if you couldn't see. What would you do if you had to adjust and adapt to a world where you couldn't see?

Submitted: December 11, 2014

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Submitted: December 11, 2014



Its seemingly peaceful when i sit thru lunch in the stairwell on the steps and i can hear and feel every person's different footfall. Some are heavier than others and some i cant even feel the vibrations. But no matter how many people go by thru the time period, no one notices me quietly listening to their feet tap by. Is it strange? I find much comfort from the silence that engulfs me and the occasional vibration of people going to or from the second or first floor. If i close my eyes i can imagine a whole other world completely off the vibrations given from people. Is this how blind people see the world? Am i feeling what they feel? Is the world i go to when i listen deeply to the vibrations, the world that the blind created?

With the bright, lucious green grass gently rolling in the breeze and the light pouring out of the deep sea of sky. Laughs of babies are one vibration. The breathing of the earth another. The intoxication of apples in the pure air is another. Is this the world they made? Is this the world they live in? Its amazing what is taken for granted by those who see, and its amazing the strength of imagination and heightening of senses that the blind have. They see the world as a symphony. They hear the orchestra of life. They go beyond the surface. Those who see, don't imagine. They lose creativity. Positivity. Belief. Hope. They see the city, they hear the cars, they can't see sunshine. They can't feel the warmth. They believe its cold because its on the surface.

The blind go beyond. They don't see a city. They hear water drops on tin roofs. They feel smiles of the innocent. They smell the coffee can with pennies in it that the homeless person holds in his shaking hand. They feel the pain of an abused woman walking past them. They notice the dire hunger that the young boy has. They know from senses that he is hungry because he is lost in the world and thinks he needs to starve himself to be loved. They see so much with no vision. Imagine what they see. Imagine what power they hold. Everything is so different for them as it is for those who see. People scoff at the blind or sometimes people will say they are poor people. Like they need to have sympathy. Like they need people to feel sorry that they can't see. If i was blind i would be proud.

If i was blind, i couldn't judge someone by the way they look. If i was blind i wouldn't see things but instead feel them. Sure its not always wonderful to be blind, things would be more difficult, but it would teach me ways to do things that i normally wouldn't do it. Walking around would be difficult sure, but i would adjust to the ways that i would have to. Adjusting and adapting is a huge part of being blind. But adaptions and adjusting is a thing people have to do as well. Not only the blind. Why not try something completely different and out of my comfort zone? I might miss sunsets or morning skies. But i could see so much more beauty by being blind. I could create things much more glorious. Beauty is within.

That is a saying some people say that more should listen to. That the beauty comes from within. I never really understood what that meant because i always took is so literal. So if i were to close my eyes and imagine a being. I dont see their face. I dont know their gender. I dont see their muscle or weight. Their height disappears. Their figure disappears, and a red light bursts from their heart. The light pours from the being's chest. It engulfs their body. Its so radiant and it explodes with a tingling sensation. Something similar to love. I imagine thats what the blind can sense when they meet someone.

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