Happiness is always there within you

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I tried to answer a question on where to find happiness.
It is all about positive thinking and positive attitude.

Submitted: July 12, 2014

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Submitted: July 12, 2014



Good morning says the sunshine,
Good morning says the day.
Today is born just for you,
So live it with a smile and live it so good.

Believe him or not but God believes in you,
Pray for a good day and believe in your prayer.
You know good guys and you know bad guys,
Don’t judge them ever instead pray for them too.

Your life is the story you need to play,
Be your best and so will be your story be.
Dream for the good and dream for the best,
Do what it takes to reach your own dreams.

Problems do come but fear them never,
It teaches you the ways to win the odds.
Winning those odds will win you a name,
And the name you earn is who you will be.

It is not you who is ugly or it is not me,
It is not you who is weak or it is not me.
It is the eye which sees the weak and ugly,
It is that eye which is really the weak and ugly.

You are still not lost even when the results say so,
You are only lost when you give up yourself.
Believe in all the possibilities you believe to possess,
Try again with your belief until you what to win.

Nothing can stop you except for your fear,
If you believe it is good than do it forever.
No one can stop you except for yourself,
Believe in yourself and believe you are good.

Accepting your blunders will never be blamed,
But repeating it again is humiliating yourself.
Accepting your weakness is never a shame,
And getting rid of it will gift you a new strength.

If you want to blame anyone then blame yourself,
Changing yourself best is the best change in the world.
If you want to win anyone then win yourself,
If you feel wiser than yesterday that means you have grown.

To be humble is not to be weak,
To be humble is indeed the greatest strength.
If not for the humble mother earth,
None would have seen this great day again.

Leave the ones who see you a burden,
Life is a great gift and don’t beg for strange loves.
Live with the ones who see you real special,
Your life is a sweet gift so fill it with all love.

Try to be the reason for smile in others,
The greatest deed is to make a good heart happy.
Don’t be the reason for the pain in others,
The greatest sin is to make a heart suffer.

Be so truthful and be so good,
Even if it is sour it will never give up on you.
Be with patience and be so kind,
Even if it is hard it will ever lead you right.

You have what you have while other only dream of it,
You have what you have so do take good care of it.
Don’t dream for more than what you need,
Else you will see yourself more poor and sad.

Love all you can and hate not any,
Live so simple and live with a smile.
Happiness is not what you get elsewhere,
Since happiness is always there within you.

-Kalicharan S

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