Help Her To Believe - from The Reckless Abandoned

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This piece is for our daughters

Submitted: June 16, 2014

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Submitted: June 16, 2014



Help Her To Believe

By Henry Duthler


Can you feel the snicker filled glares?

Do you see the fingers point as their noses rise?

Have you heard their underhanded comments?

Did you taste their venomous lies?


Every step taken crashing down like the gavel

A jury fit to pass judgement upon their piers

With wicked spite without hesitation

The convict sentenced to to live out their years,


Beaten, betrayed and mocked

Ridiculed, outed, discarded and shelved

The wretched souls who's only crime

Assuming their human right to express themselves 


Who we are as people cannot be defined

By merely dictating the policy of conformity

There's so much more potential present

When we look at the person holistically


Sometimes it easy to get lost in the shiny things

That something different that catches you eye

What if the way that girl wears her hair or her heart on her sleeve

Is what makes her feel special, unique, vibrant and alive?


If we stop for a moment and take a deep breath

Realize that theres a person right now in desperate need

To find out who she could be, what her true potential is

Ignore the shiny things, and instead, help her to believe.


Whether there's a work of art that's inked upon your skin

No matter how the winds blows your vibrantly dyed hair

However the light reflects from the jewelry in your nose, your cheek or lip

Theres someone special, with wonderful talents and gifts to share


The world has seen its share of bullies, had its share of terrorists

But the time has come for the world as we know it

To start noticing and appreciating the best of what we all are

We are inked, dyed, pierced and proud enough to show it!


© Copyright 2018 Henry Duthler. All rights reserved.

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