Night-time wander in the woods

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Never go in the woods at night, you never know what you may find...

Submitted: January 11, 2013

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Submitted: January 11, 2013



The fog is thick in the air around me as I walk, it's impossible to see more than a few feet in any direction. Outlines of leafless trees loom out of the blank foggy darkness at will, where seconds before was only blank space is now occupied by the next tree. Branches appear at random, black and dripping with moisture, they look like gnarled hands reaching out to grab unwary passers-by.

It's so cold. My breath mists before my eyes, to join the blankness of the fog filled woodlands.

I don't wish to be here, but I have little choice in the matter, I must carry on. There is no telling whether there is somebody following me or not, I cannot see, and it is so quiet. There should be the various sounds of night animals as they begin to explore the night, but there is nothing. I hear nothing except my faltering footsteps and the odd snap of a branch or twig in the distance. I flinch everytime I hear one, but there is no use, if something wants to attack me here and now, I wil be utterly helpless to stop it.

It's not natural, this silence, it's like the entire forset is holding its breath. Mud, roots and brambles cause me to trip often, but I do not slow my pace at all, I can't afford to.


"Who's there?" I call out to whoever (whatever) may be following, knowing not to expect an answer in the pressing silence of the woods. My only answer is another twig snapping, much closer by than the last. I see a moving shadow, and fear kicks in, much stronger than my desperate unease before. My heart is pounding, my pulse racing, and my body tenses to run. The shape in the fog grows steadily, and before long it's here the creature, it's going to-

"Buster!" I yelp, and my silly brown and white dog puts a stick on the muddy ground at my feet. "You scared me half to death!" I hiss, and he wags his tail at me. Trying to surpress laughter, I whistle, and we walk on.

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