That Hidden Child's Voice

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No matter how grown up or mature you are, no matter how many years you have spent ignoring it, that child inside can never be truly silenced, and when something like this happens, that child is louder than ever.

Submitted: April 06, 2013

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Submitted: April 06, 2013



I got the text you sent to us

It's nice you preferred my sister to me

After all, I was not yours to love

She is the one you miss out of us all

Because, we were simply the unwanted duo

Just there in the background while you spoiled her


I've been trying to get my grades up

Been working really hard lately to catch up

Are you proud of me? Do you care?

I guess not, I am never good enough in your eyes

I never have been, always something wrong

With what I wear or what I do, always unwanted


You must know by now that I hate you

You were never there for us when we needed you

Always with whats-her-face or some other bimbo

And at sixteen I feel nothing but hatred for you

And while it is justified in every way for this violent hate

That doesn't make it right for me to hate you!


Ten whole years, a full decade, does that have meaning?

Not that those phrases mean anything to you

But you came into our lives when I was six so yes,

Those phrases have meaning deeper than simple time

Because time is no medicine for wounds so deep

It simply adds more weight on my shoulders


It's not easy having to be the adult in youth

The one that can never break down and cry

Even worse when your eight year old sister

Is asking when her daddy will call her to say goodnight

Or if he will even send her a birthday card

After being forgotten in the Yuletime


You've ripped my childhood to tatters and burned it to ash

As if telling me I'm a disappointment wasn't enough

I blame you for my circumstance with every right

Yet still that voice hidden deep inside asks over and over

In a childish voice borne only through innocence

What did I do wrong, Dad? Why did you go?

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