Please Don't

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Corrupted Childhood

Submitted: October 15, 2011

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Submitted: October 15, 2011



Please don’t let it hurt me, please don’t let it burn

Of every hit and every punch, it should be a concern

Please don’t let him drink tonight, please don’t let him fly

Of my every fear and every fright, he can only tell a lie

Let me run and hide from him, let the spot be small

Let the room grow quiet and dim, so he cant see me at all

Let me sit here and pray, to the one I don’t believe

Let my body be here and stay and let my soul leave

Save me from this place in hell, take me somewhere free

Maybe there I won’t live in sadness and I can be happy

Somewhere a friend can stay, sit there beside me

So maybe we can lay in the same coffin by the sea

Please don’t let him hit me now, please don’t let it hurt

Please don’t let him know somehow, please don’t let it jerk

Please come and take my hand, take my soul too

Please come and rise the land, and make him die when morn does dew

Please don’t let me die today please don’t let him know

Please don’t let him hear me say please just let him go

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