Spending a life among haters

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This one is dedicated to an irritating creature

Submitted: August 17, 2013

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Submitted: August 17, 2013



Hate and hate. I am fed up of hating all and being hated by all. Each day I wake up with so much hatred. The people around me seem to hate me so much. They don't understand me and think that I am wrong all the time. They look at me with so much anger that each time I have to run from them. I don't know why they get so disgusted at my presence.

I am living with them for last few years. They don’t want to keep me here but I stay without any permission and I decided already that no matter what happens I am never going to leave this place. 

There's a big lady who seems to like me. She is harmless. She never hurt me, but others around me are mean and cruel. I have a scar in my left eye. That was a gift from a huge man who lives near my home.

Few months ago I was expecting and believe me, no one cared. Yeah, I do carry frequently, so what? My children never asked anyone for anything like me. I steal food for them and they are doing the same to live.

Sometimes I feel so unsecured. That day I was having a great lunch with my children and suddenly somebody attacked us. Yeah, we forgot that those were decorated for the guests, but we ate only a little out of that great meal.

My little son got hurt and he is in pain till now. I don't know what to do to secure our future. I even forgot who their father was. I stay cool and care free all the time but whenever I watch my poor children I realize, if there would be somebody to take care of them I perhaps could stay the way I always do.

Sometimes I try to remember when and how did I enter this house, who were my parents, where did they go away.

Sometimes I observe the people around me; I guess they know all those.

I know I can never ask them, I know I’ll stay unanswered all my life.

I know my life with so much hatred will move on like this.

…………………………………….Meow. Meow. Meow.

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