Love Centers

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Thoughts on enlightenment.

Submitted: October 26, 2011

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Submitted: October 26, 2011




We have reached a time in our spiritual evolution for reconciliation with our love centers. This is a reconnection to a part of us that is the enlightened knowing of our divine selves. In the history of spiritual evolution great teachers come on the scene to take us to that next step in our advancement, that time is again upon humanity.  We have reached a place in our growth that we getting lost in the jungle. This jungle of society is starting to overwhelm us. All the pressure of living in society that is moving quickly and advancing daily is leading us to frustration and anxiety. We seek answers on how to maintain balance and direction in this confusing society. We need a light to lead us on the path and through the entanglements society is putting on us.

The old light bearers can no longer light the way. There lights no longer have the correct energy to guide us through the dense jungles of society’s complexities. The light is now being passed on to new light bearers who have lights that are appropriate for the issues of the future.

How we find these teachers, who can open us open to see and know the light? Open your hearts, your love centers. You will recognize them by how they resonate with your love centers. There are many teachers who are now carrying the light.  You will know the one who is here to advance you on your spiritual evolution. This evolution has no end. You will continue to grow through the many lifetimes to come. The growth now is about opening to your love center and enlightenment to see a clear path through the jungle of our society’s complexities.  

When you have reached the clearing past this jungle, you will have connected to your soul center. All choices in your life will come from this enlightened love center. You will then be aware of but not affected by the jungle of society.

If you are a light bearer pick up your light.  Show others the path to their love centers. We are all light bearers and students of light bearers. Before the jungle of society overwhelms you connect to the path of the light. Answers on how to stay on a clear path will not come from the political, economic or religious systems. Guidance will only come from light bearers who put their egos under the guidance of their love centers.

Be a light bearer and stay on your spiritual evolution out of the jungle of society. 

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