Who is Jesus

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About the makeup of non-physical beings.

Submitted: July 15, 2011

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Submitted: July 15, 2011




When you pray to or talk to Jesus of other spiritual teachers you are not actually communicating with an individual identity. All non-physical are part of a group. When talking to Jesus we are speaking to an aspect of that group. That explains why Jesus can help millions all at once. The harmonious group of one mind can split off in billions parts to help many all at one time. This is true of all spiritual teachers. They present themselves as individuals because of our frame of reference.

We as humans are part of a group. When we reenter the non-physical we emerge into our cluster groups. Sometimes these are called soul groups. We all become an aspect of a family group, which in turn is an aspect of a larger group. All of humanity is of one group that shares common energy.

When we have a past life experience we can be remembering a shared life from our soul family. Our particular energy may not have lived that physical life, but as an aspect of the group we still experience that lifetime. Actually your non-physical self is experiencing many current life times at this moment.

This channeled material is meant as brief overview of spirit groups. I will channel answers to any specific questions you have on the subject.


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