Limbo-Part One: Caught in the Middle

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Young Dimitri awakens one day, unable to remember anything from his recent past, in a cold, gray, freghtening place with his friends Ryan and Alexandria. They're all confused and scared, with nowhere to go. What happens when Dimitri and his friends are taken by things resmbling demons, and they find out they're all dead and stuck in Limbo, a place between Heaven and Hell? Read on, my friends! This is only part one, there's much more to come!

Submitted: July 23, 2012

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Submitted: July 23, 2012




A short story series by Josh Morris

1: caught in the middle

Dimitri’s eyes shot open, only to be forced closed again by a blinding light that cut through the clouds in the sky like thin pieces of string hung from one wall to another. He forced himself to think, but the only thing that came to his mind was the world slowly slipping away from him, a shard of light falling into an abyss, and shattering like glass as it hit the bottom.

“Hey! Hey, Dimitri, get up! Dimitri!” Ryan’s voice cut through the silence, followed by Alex’s

“C’mon, Dimitri…Please…” Alex pleaded in between her sobs, “Get up…”

Dimitri heard the words of his friends and opened his eyes again, this time with no resistance. The blinding light had been replaced with the faces of Dimitri’s closest friends, Ryan and Alex. All three of them were 14 years old, and had been friends since Dimitri had moved from Denmark to America when he was six. The three had hit it off in first grade, and had been friends ever since.

“He’s awake!” Ryan shouted to no one in particular as he held a hand down to Dimitri, who took hold of it and stood up, “See, he’s fine, Alex.”

Dimitri was quiet as always, but as soon as he saw the tears on Alex’s face, he was quick to react. He reached into his pocket to retrieve the handkerchief he usually carried; it had been given to him by his father before he’d been killed in a car accident in Denmark. To his disappointment and confusion, it wasn’t there.

“Oi, don’t cry sweetheart,” Dimitri placed a hand on Alex’s shoulder, “It’s okay. Where are-“

Dimitri became suddenly speechless as he looked around, only to see a dark, thick fog surrounding the three of them, and a damp, black ground below them. The sky was equally as black. There was only a single light in the center of the sky, illuminating nothing, but shining so bright that none of the three could look into it. The air was damp and cold, each breeze chilled them allmore and more. It was evident that the temperature was dropping steadily.

Alex started to calm down a bit, but tears still flowed steadily from her eyes. Eventually she’ll cry herself out, Dimitri thought. I need to figure this out…am I dreaming?

Dimitri was sure he wasn’t dreaming, he was too aware, and had too much physical feeling to be dreaming. This was very real, and something was very, very wrong.

“Don’t bother asking us, dude. No clue…It’s pretty, uh, gray here,” Ryan put his two cents in, then reached down and touched the ground. It was only then that Dimitri noticed all of their hair had been buzz-cut, other than Alex’s hair which was only down to her chin, very different from her usual shoulder- length hair; and they were all wearing loose-fitting gray shirts and pants, with no shoes. The shirts had no sleeves, leaving their shoulders bare. On each of their right shoulders was a date. Dimitri’s read 3/15, Ryan’s read 3/16, and Alex’s read 3/17. Under the dates were the words “Judgment Day”

As far as Dimitri knew, the last date he could remember was 2/1/2023, his birthday. Something odd happened that day, but he couldn’t quite place it. It wasn’t pleasant, if he remembered correctly. It involved his friends, surely.

The three looked back and forth at each other, exchanging glances of unease and fear. Wherever they were, it wasn’t exactly a great place. Ryan opened his mouth to speak.

“Don’t say a word, child,” A terrible, rough voice called out from somewhere to the left. “I’ll do the talking for now,” This time the voice sounded as if it were from the left.

A figure crashed to the ground in the center of the three children, causing the dirt to fly up around it and fall back to the ground. The figure stood up straight, to it’s full six-and-a-half-foot height. It was covered by a dark gray cloak with a hood covering it’s head. The only part of it’s face visible was it’s mouth, which was curled into a slight smile, which showed two of it’s teeth, both of which were blood red. Like everything else in this terrible place, it’s face was gray.

The figure was facing Dimitri, who was forced to take three steps back when pushed by it. Two more of these terrible figures landed behind it, facing the other children.

“Dimitri! Ryan!” Alex called out to her friends in desperation and fear, starting to sob again. The figure facing her wrapped a gray hand, with long fingers and claws, around her throat, and shot back into the sky.

The second did the same with Ryan, and finally the third of these horrid creatures took Dimitri by the arm and flew off from the ground, causing Dimitri to become suddenly dizzy and nauseous.

Dimitri closed his eyes and forced himself not to scream in terror. Every instinct in his body screamed Fight Back! Get Away! But he was sure this would only cause death…Death…, Dimitri thought, Am I dead?

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