Maybe The Could Care More

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Its about a girl name Meghan and its her birthday and her boyfriend don't show up so she goes to his house to find hes not there. She walks home and then gets shot on the way back to her house.

Submitted: March 10, 2013

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Submitted: March 10, 2013



  Todays Meghan's birthday she hopes Marks gonna come. Her pary starts at 2. She looks gorgeous and cant wait to see Mark. She trys to call Mark because ts already 2 and hes still not there. Mark wont ansewer his phone so Meghans getting worried. She want to go to his house but shes afraid that he isnt gonna be there or he will dump her. She desides to text him and says Mark its my birthday and your not even here with me i thought you would be here. I miss you so much and i just wanna see you. Your ignoring my calls and im getting worried. I dont wanna loose you because you have been with me forever! You were with me during my cancer treatments and i dont wanna loose you. Your the best boyfriend in the world and i wanna be with you on my birthday. Mark gets the message and startes reading it hes at a party with friends and hes drinking. He starts crying but ignores the text like its not big deal. Meghan seen that he got the message and wants to wonder whats going on. She walks to marks house and knocks on the door. No one answers so she gets worried. Meghan see's that the cars gonna so she startes walking back home. On her way home these guys start following her. She startes getting scared. She trys calling Mark. He doesnt answer so she leaves a message and says Mark i walked to your house and your not there im on my way back and these guys are following me. Then there goes the gun shoot and it goes silent. She calls the ambulance and gets rushed to the hospital. Mark goes home to find his brother at the door saying were the hell were you! Your girlfriends at the hospital she got shot by guys when she was walking back home from your house because she wanted to know why you ignored her calls. Mark started panicing and drives to the hospital to find Meghan laying in the hospital bed crying! He goes up to her and says babe sorry i missed your calls and ignoring you i was with friends and didnt her my phone go off. He lied to her and she knew it because she talked to his friends. She then says get away you told me you would stop drinking and you still havent as shes crying and then says get away from me were over! Mark walks out with tears running down his face as he see's his friends walking to go see Meghan.



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