Why Are You Smiling?

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This was meant to be a love-y poem at first, but just kinda turned into something cruel :/ haha. A few dirty words....oops. ;)

Submitted: June 30, 2011

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Submitted: June 30, 2011



Your eyes, They cut deep into my soul. Your mind, I can read it like a book. You come off as someone that's hard to figure out, But you're really not. No matter if I'm wrong or right, Everything's all my fault. The one you love, They're supposed to be flawless in your eyes. But me? To you, I can't do anything the right way. You yell, Your words stab me in my chest. My tears fall, Drenching everything they come in contact with, You just say to stop crying. You don't understand, You never will. Once last tear, It falls down my cheek. I wipe it away, Realize who you are. You're a monster, No happiness with you in sight. \"Get me a beer, you dumb bitch!\" You yelled at me last night. I fought the tears, Turned my back toward you, Smirk in place. I get you a Bud, And add a touch, A bit of rat poison. I took it to you, Just as you said to; \"Why are you smiling? What's so fucking funny?\" \"Nothing dear.\" I watch you drink your beer. And today? Thank God that you're not here.

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