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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Often in life we think about and talk about making things happen, but as we all know talk is cheap without actions. (Actions speak louder than words.) To kick of my decision to take ACTION in my life, I created this poem. So now I've thought about it, talked about it, written about it and now all that is left is to DO IT! (And I am!!!)

Submitted: October 10, 2011

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Submitted: October 10, 2011



IT'S TIME Kerrie Amatelli

CHANGE is hard for anybody, it always has been...

as I say tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow and then tomorrow, once again.

Days, weeks, months and even years swiftly go by and by...

without any firm dedication... or honest and serious tries.

What am I so afraid of? Why oh why... can't or won't I commit?

Oh my goodness... not the fear of actually being healthy, happy, grounded, shiny and fit?!

That voice in my head says, "You're not good enough, never have been and you never will be."

And there you have it... putting myself down has been a life-long trend, as you can see.

IT'S TIME to silence that nasty, ugly voice within...

and bring out my amazing, "good enough", polar opposite, alter-ego twin.

Starting today, I'll be filling my days and mind with positive and upbeat thinking...

and maybe (just maybe) with others watching, I'll make it... (I'm winking).

IT'S TIME to find and connect with my will power within, that over the years I've somehow lost...

which won't be easy, because for some time now, I've avoided it at absolutely any and all costs.

Why can't I envision harnessing my own unlimited power, greatness, happiness or abundance?

Why do I hold on to my own self-pain, self-anger, past failure and inner grievance?

IT'S TIME to shift paths at this crossroad of my life and discover who I really AM...

outside of labels like wife, mother, friend, cousin, sister, daughter, aunt and (OMG) "gram"!

Not that those labels are bad, unwanted or a heavy burden...

it's just that the REAL ME deep inside is dying to come out... and that, I must say, IS CERTAIN!

IT'S TIME to tackle my own negative vices, bad habits and petty addictions...

like laziness, junk food, TV-itis and the computer... with over-extended Facebook sessions!

My mind and body is my temple and MY responsibility, there is no getting aroud that...

unless I'm okay with collecting prescriptions, tearful years, mental illness and added pounds of fat.

IT'S TIME for honest self examination, self control (with focused intent) and good old "exercise"...

with hope that the final outcome will come as a well deserved, needed and pleasant surprise!

No one can change or save me (but ME) and this I fully know...

so please be my witness as I plant this "new-way-of-being" seed (inside of me) and begin to re-GROW.

IT'S TIME to put all complaints, defenses and excuses aside...

and honestly face my issues, procrastination and demons deep, deep inside.

But there are so many things I need to tackle, and I think, "Oh dear God, where do I start???!!!"

I hear whispered back, "Stay calm and simply listen and focus on MY soft voice within your HEART."

IT'S TIME to develop faith in myself and realize that I CAN do it...

if only I'm willing to admit my own real need for self love, forgiveness and give myself a little credit.

Maybe you are going through problems or once had to go through something similar to this...

well, please know you are NOT alone and simply realize (as I have) that...WE EACH (individually) CREATE OUR OWN BLISS!!!

Written by Kerrie Amatelli of Rhode Island on October 9, 2011 (Day 1)


© Copyright 2020 KAmatelli. All rights reserved.

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