A Letter To A New Lover

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A letter to a new lover, from a man to a woman, after spending the week with her. Short and sweet.

Submitted: August 30, 2009

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Submitted: August 30, 2009



There are so many mental pictures and memories from last week that keep popping into my mind and causing me to sigh with delight.  Sunday was just great. Hanging around and talking, getting to know each other, looking at your old pictures, sharing some lo mein, taking a nap with you; all of this was more than nice. Then I remember every now and then, often actually, while in a passionate embrace, face to face, lips on lips, I might whisper some attempt at sweet talk, and I'd crack my eyes open a little and see your smile, my favorite smile. And I'd kiss you more. But my favorite image in harder to describe ...

It was nearly our last moment together, after some time in bed, doing what lovers do, it was almost time for me to leave. We'd set an alarm to remind us, but I didn't want it to startled us so I asked you to turn it off ...

sigh ...

You leaned up onto your left elbow and turned from me toward your nightstand. I also propped myself up and I looked over toward you. In that hazy candle-lit room, I saw the form of a woman, almost a silhouette, in a manner I hadn't appreciated in a long while. Your hair seemed raven colored and fell, spread down your back to reach your elbow. If it wasn't such beautiful hair I would have scorned it for concealing parts of your soft and tan-skinned back from me, the back I had moments ago enjoyed kissing. But my eyes kept surveying. I appreciated where your skin would go from tan to cream-white and tan again, there across your shoulder and your back. And so it was as my eyes continued their survey, passing over your perfect stomach, and rising with your hip to find it again, that smooth transition from tan *kiss* to cream *kiss* to tan *kiss.*  How beautiful tan lines can be on such a beautiful woman, I thought, and I wonder now if anyone has appreciated your completely naked body as I had then, and still do. And then my blessed yet reluctant eyes moved on again to your legs, so long and tan, slender and strong. They were perfect, lying there missing being close to mine, I'd like to think. How it is that I kept my hands and lips from you for that time amazes me now. Perhaps the poet in me commanded that the lover be patient and pause just long enough for him to be inspired. A moment is all it took.

With the alarm off we again joined in an embrace. I'll never forget that night and that vision of you.

Woman, you are something more than beautiful. Inside and out, from head to toe, body, soul and mind; something more than beautiful.

I very much look forward to seeing you again. I wonder how time will affect my feelings. So far they've not waned, and as I write this now I'm still high from you. High off a woman.

Your friend and lover,

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