a story of a girl

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the stages in the life of a girl........ when she has to choose between her family and love

Submitted: February 29, 2012

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Submitted: February 29, 2012



A story of a girl, named Priya, who loved her parents a lot. Time passed out, the girl grows. When she came in 11th standard, she had a crush on her classmate, named Charles. Charles also like her but he and Priya didn’t tell each other. The friends of both know that. When they passed out from the school they were in contact that time too…… but at one stage Charles told Priya not to call her without telling her the reason…….and Priya accepted his decision. In the meantime, the wedding of Priya’s sister, named Ragini, took place. The brother-in-law of Ragini, named Raj, likes Priya……but Priya didn’t like him..Because that time too she missed Charles… Raj always searched the opportunity to meet Priya. At last, on the night of 31st December, Raj proposed Priya and told her that he loves her lot….. That time Priya was too terrified that she wasn’t able to understand that what she does?? In the morning, she calls Ragini and told her the whole incident. Ragini told her husband and he asked about that to Raj. But Raj denied. Again Raj called Priya and told her that he wants to meet her right now.

Priya told him clearly that she is not interested………but Raj didn’t understand. Over their telephonic conversation Priya told a little bit bitter to Raj and told him that she didn’t want to see his face and then Raj started abusing her and blaming her for all the things happen…. Because Priya treated Raj as a good friend of her…and she didn’t know that Raj has other feelings for her………… Days passed out Priya was busy in her studies…..then a good news came from her sister’s home, that she (Priya) became aunt. Priya and her family move out to meet the baby.

When they entered the hospital, Raj was walking in the corridor. When Raj saw us he moved out from there and went out from the hospital. That behavior of Raj hurted Priya but she didn’t utter a word that time…………………..but when she left the hospital and reached her home she tried to make a call to Raj.

Unfortunately, Raj changed her contact number. Priya took the number from Ragini and make a call to Raj. Raj wanted to meet her only once. Priya is an emotional girl she doesn’t able to see anyone weeping in front of her. When she met Raj, there were lots of conversation between them, and then Priya started crying and when Raj saw that, he also started crying and blaming himself for the reason. When Priya saw him crying, she tried to console him and Raj thought that Priya accepted her proposal. But she didn’t.

But for the happiness of Raj, she behaves as a lover. She always prays to God that please find a girl for Raj. But God didn’t listen her prayers. When Priya started liking Raj, the marriage proposal for Raj are started to come and then Priya prays God not to separate them but then too God didn’t listen her prayers. After sometime, Priya’s family know all about and they are against the couple. The reason is actually very simple, the past of Raj means according to Priya’s family Raj hasn’t a good character and he drinks and smoke too. Priya told all these to Raj and told him that it is not good to be in relation without the permission of parents but Raj didn’t want to leave Priya. Daye passes, Raj understand that and told the same thing to Priya, but this time, Priya became weak, she lost her love before too, she didn’t want to leave Raj now. She told Raj that she didn’t leave him. Again the family knew about their relationship. Priya’s family know all about they didn’t believe because they know that some time ago, their daughter hated that person a lot. The mother of Priya was superstitious, she went to Maulavee and tantrik and also the priest with a family picture. All these three are from different area, different religion but they all said same thing. They all pointed out on the picture of Priya and told that if she marry with the guy she loved, then she died because she is under Black Magic. Priya’s parent believe that because they knew that their daughter is not like that as she is behaving.

They will not permit her to marry with Raj. Priya didn’t eat anything for 15 days, and lying like a corpse. She didn’t talk to anyone in the home. In this period, Priya prepares a wedding card for her marriage with Raj. At last, Priya’s parents told her that they were ready but firstly Priya has to complete her study and she will not try to meet Raj until she complete her study. Priya knew the trick of her parents but she said yes to them. But she met Raj and told her all the situations. Raj offered Priya to go for Court Marriage but Priya didn’t want to let down her parents so she decided not to opt for that.

Priya loves her father more than anyone in the world. After knowing all these her father tried to commit suicide. Priya was scared. She didn’t want to lose her father and what she replied to her mom, her brother and sister that for her own happiness she killed her father. No…………… , never……… so she decided to went away from the life of Raj. Raj also knew the truth, and just because of that Priya’s parents imposed restriction on her… she wasn’t go anywhere. When Raj knew all that, he decided to marry with another girl and he marries with a girl. That time Priya was totally shattered. She used to cry all the day and night but no one listen her.

Priya didn’t understand that time why Raj do this but now she understands that whatever he did, he did for Priya’s freedom. As soon as he got married, Priya’s parents allowed her to move out.

But still she loves Raj and Raj loves Priya……………………………………..

Kabhi kabhi hamari life me wo hota h jo hum sochte nhi…………….

Priya ne apne pyar ke saath saath 1 accha dost bhi khoya h…………

This is a little story of love and sacrifice and family importance…………..

Because there was a time when Raj cut his vein for Priya and Priya cuts her Palm so deeply for writing the name of Raj in her hands…………………and there was also a time when they are away from each other…………

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