The Abomination

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Basically the "supposed" prequel to my poem, "Death of a Madman", this is NOT and I mean, NOT, associated with the said poem, it is basically my version of The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe. R.I.P Poe.

This basically communes with the raven as a being sent as an abomination of death. Thats why he keeps insulting the bird. And its basically a suicide poem in which he kills himself to not see the bird.

This is by the longest and most funnest poems I have ever done! And I hope you enjoy it.

Submitted: June 10, 2008

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Submitted: June 10, 2008



Why are thou here?!
I have done not an evil deed,
Why bring the bird,
The raven?!

It's evil!
It's bringing my very despair back.
I feel my anger growing in me!

Why bring the raven?!
It is making my blood turn stone cold,
It hath brought great despair onto
Thine self!

It brought my death with a scythe!
It is coming at me with its evil eyes.
make it go away!

Get back, you bringer of death,
Be gone of your evil,
Leave my sanctified house!

Never come back here, never!
Be gone you vile demon,
I beseech God to bring this demon to Hell.
Be gone you evil bird!

Don't bring death onto my home!
God, help thy servant,
Help, thy servant of the hideous,
Hideous grim monster of death!

It brought me pain, no more I say,
No more!

It shalt be gone with my death!
May God take you down with me,
you vile demon.

Hearken, I see the knife of my holy cross!
Bring it down to my heart I command!
I feel the pain killing my body,
And yet the damned bird of Satan is still here!

What does it take to leave my house?!
Tell me! What brought me despair,
Is making me die! By my own bloody hands!

Weep for me! Weep, my death is upon me.
Satan's bird is still here.
Mocking me.

The abomination of God is still there!
Why is it mocking me?!

As I can't see no more, the damned bird,
Is gone. And my heart sets cold, stopping.
Finally free of the abomination of death.

I look into the window,
Only to find, the raven,
Still there.

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