The Clash

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A poem based off the Book of Revelation. Nothing more, nothing less.

Submitted: June 19, 2008

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Submitted: June 19, 2008



The bringer of darkness,
The bringer of light,

They clash,
Not with with themselves,
But with humans and angels.

The humans on the side of the devil,
These humans were left on Earth,
Because they were corrupt,
Or ignored God's word.

Angels are humans who went into Heaven,
Because they are pure,
Who listen to God's word.

As these two clash,
Jesus and the Anti-Christ fight.
They fight for humanity.

God and Satan fight,
God, for 1000 years without sin.
The Devil, who wants nothing but sin.

The angels and humans fight,
In obedience from their masters.
They all fight to the death.

Neither giving up.
As this happens,
The Earth is being destroyed,
One by one it's being destroyed.

Never give up, they say.

As they fight,
The more the Earth is being destroyed.
Now when they give up,
Who will you side?

Will you side with God?
Or the Devil?
Either way, the Earth loses all.

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