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Two best friends, boys who grew up together. One finally gathers up the courage to ask out the girl of his dreams, and he gets crushed when she rejects him. His depression causes him to lash out at the girl, eventually he ends up in a bet with his best friend over whether or not they can get they girl to kill herself. One boy trying to ruin her life, the other trying to save it, both competing against each other for the life of the girl

Submitted: November 26, 2012

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Submitted: November 26, 2012



Libros, by Jacob Steiner



She’s gone now. I’ll never see her again. It was to late when i realized what i had done. The damage was permanent, physically and emotionally. It’s crazy. I....I loved her, and I did so much harm to her. It’s almost to much to bear. Since when was I ever capable of doing so much harm to another human being? All I've ever done is my best to help people, but instead of helping a girl when she needed it, I gave my hundred percent to ending her life. I almost broke one of the ten commandments. My name is Aron, and I confess that I have take a life.




Oh man! I still remember when that idiot would talk about Eve NON STOP. I had never met this girl but i somehow knew everything about her and her freaking cat. Aron would just not shut up about her. Me and Aron have known eachother since we were five. His mom used to babysit me, so we now basically tell eachother everything, despite how different we are. He makes me sick at some moments with his whole, holier than thou art bull shit. But he’s still a good guy. He even helped me out that time the cops were looking for me. Good story, I’ll save it for later though. Where the fuck was I? Oh right, Aron and Eve. You should have seen his face that day, when he found out that Eve was interested in another guy. She was the only girl he really ever talked to, and man was he pissed. I still think he had a shot if he didn’t act like such a baby about it. That was the night I met her too. We rode our bikes to meet her in front of some store, I forget which one. The two of them talked for a while, and I got the phone numbers of some of her friends while that was going on. Eventually I got the pleasure of meeting the infamous Eve. Nice girl. I’m Sean by the way, I guess I’m kind of  a narrator here.



That talk was one of the most uncomfortable moments of my life. I’m still pretty sure she has feelings for me, and her friends have been telling her that I like her. Not sure how they know but I don’t really care anymore. Why doesn’t she tell me she likes me, and if she does, why is she pursuing this other guy? It doesn’t make sense to me. It doesn’t matter any more. I don’t remember how the conversation went, i just remember walking out of it feeling like nothing was accomplished, like she didn’t really explain anything to me at all. I...I think she friend zoned me. I wasn’t exactly sure. I remember her talking to Sean afterwords. That's probably how he got her phone number. Man, would it have been easier if he didn’t. Wait, what am i saying? That’s an awful thought. If he hadn’t done that i think we’d all be worse off. I don’t really remember what happened next. But i remember around here is where it started getting bad.



Aron seemed almost in, a trance when we got home. I let him sleep over, what ever. But he was damn happy when he got home from school the next day. We don’t go to the same high school, but he basically lives at my house any way. He said he saw Eve in school. The best part, he did something i didn’t know he could do. He said that he yelled at her, that’s right, Aron yelling. Apparently he even made her cry. He was pretty happy about it, kinda weird for him.

I.....I never yell. It felt amazing. I’m getting back at her for everything she did, all the embarrassment, for making me feel the way i did. This feels amazing.

It was pretty much the same crap all next week. Aron would come over, and brag about how he upset her that day. Reminded me how happy I am to stay on his good side. It became pretty mundane until a few days after that. I will always remember that moment. He was bragging about how he pissed her off that day. It felt good because she was out the day before or something like that. That's when he said it, and when i saw the opportunity. “By the rate I’m going, I guarantee shes going to end up killing herself at some point.” The good old angel must of been in a pretty dark place to be happy about causing pain, and out of everyone he knew, I was probably the only one who could see it. So I saw opportunity. “Please, i doubt that your actually making her cry as much as you say you do. Once, twice maybe is what i bet.” “Hey, I’m worse than you think.” I spoke before he could get a word in “I bet she’ll be fine no matter how much you torture her.” “Shut up, I bet by the end of the year, i can get her to kill herself.”

It was like something else took over when I said that, I can guarantee it was one of his servants that did it. It’s my fault though, I let him in after-all. Sean lunged at my hand right after I said that and grasped it tightly. He shook and said it’s on. I formed a plan to make her miserable after that. I did everything in my power, all I could think about was causing her pain. I went to bed with my one goal in mind. For tomorrow I started a war, with her, and with Sean. Little did i realize, I had already lost, no matter what would happen.

Aron was pretty determined to win this bet. I couldn’t be happier, made me fell like a proud parent. He kept me informed of his actions. Not that I really needed his play by play. I was keeping a close eye on things by texting her friends. He told me about how he started by taking away her sanctuaries. He told her parents all the things she didn’t want them knowing, like when she would have a cigarette in the back yard when they left, or that kind of thing. He spent one day antagonizing her, calling her week. She hit him, again and again until a teacher intervened. She got suspended for a few days. It made her home life even worse from what her friends told me. But that wasn’t what Aron was going for. What he did was much smarter, and he succeeded in this. She wasn’t allowed to be in clubs or sports anymore. Now home and school became hell for her. I was actually quite impressed with his work. He spent the next few days casually torturing her during classes. After school she’d do her best to get hang out with her friends. Aron gave her some time to enjoy them. Again, only i could see what he was doing there, and i was beyond proud when he made his move, I had planned for it.

I was winning, i knew i was. Nothing could stop me at that point. Her parents loved me for telling on her to them. After she hit me the school sees me as the innocent victim. I was untouchable. Some time had passed. I was sure I'd win. One day she was absent, i decided this was when i should make my move. So i walked up to them and casually sat down at their table. You should have seen the disgusted looks her friends gave me then. I practically fed on them. It made me know i was doing well. I started talking.




Aron made his move. He didn’t tell me about it, probably because he wasn’t sure if it had worked yet, but it did. Eve called me up the next day. She called me because there wasn’t any one else she had to talk to. Aron had told all of Eves friends all the things she had only told him. The secret gossip she prayed they’d never find out. With all of their anger know redirected at her, she was without sanctuary. So she ran to the only person who might actually give her some relief, the only person left. Really, what else could she do?




Over the next few days I saw how her friends looked at her. It was amazing. They hated her. She had nothing left. I knew there wasn’t much left for me to do. Victory was almost mine. Then I would both have my revenge, and show up Sean. Everything was going perfect. As a little, um, status check, I stole her phone during class. Her friends were more pissed than i thought. They were more than just ignoring her, they no longer wanted anything to do with her. They were done, finished, they weren’t her friends and never would be again. I looked more, to see if i missed anything. Angry messages from dad, a “to bad :(“ text from some other girl on the volley ball team. Then i saw it. Sean had been texting her, a lot. I read through them, how could I not. It had been going on a few days now. He was the only person left treating her with any dignity. Of all the people, I thought he’d be on my side.



Aron was knocking hard on my door. I’m not sure why, he knows I keep the door unlocked. I answered the door and he looked pissed. Guess he found out i was talking to Eve. “What the hell man, you know how much I’m trying here, how much I want this!” His face was mad red. “This is a competition, your trying to swing the result one way, I'm trying to do the opposite, its really not that complicated.” He just stared at me, I don’t think he planned for me to really have a response. “you can come in if you like.” He walked away in a huff, knowing I won’t stop talking to her. I usually don’t listen his opinion. I don’t really care about Eve either. But now she has one last sanctuary he can’t get rid of. It’s a pretty big wrench in his master plan, I kinda just wanted to see what he’d do.

Ok, at this point I got rid of her friends, family, and social life. There’s nothing else I can hit her with. Her friends hate her and her life is a mess, the only thing left to get rid of from her her. Time to make my final move, to make her hurt more than anything ever before. I’ve just got to embarrass her, but nothing minor, there shouldn’t be any chance for her to recover. Something big this time, one final grand strike, right to the heart. Shes already depressed, I’ve got to take away any hope left.




I woke up the next morning. It was pretty normal except that my knife was missing. I take it with me everywhere and put it in the same spot before I go to sleep. If someone broke in they’d take more than just that. Kinda weird.




I saw her in school, I knew what to do. I made the day casual, as normal as possible, tortured her a little bit. Nothing unusual. I knew she was going to go to Seans today. Shes been doing that when I’m extra mean. I got to Seans early by a short cut I knew. I put on a mask I took from his house. It was more of a ski mask really, the cold weather made it seem less conspicuous. She was a block away, I needed to get ready. I put my hands in my pocket, and grabbed for the knife.



She showed up at my house at the normal time. Her face in her hands, crying hysterically. She could barely speak. I asked her what happened. That’s when she lifted up her face and I saw it. There was a huge scar on her face, from her chin all the way up past her eye. It was impossible not to notice. I couldn’t say it to her, but I knew who did it to her, and I was amazed that Aron would go that far. Impressed almost.



Sean would probably tell her it’s not that noticeable or something along those lines. But with everyone whispering and staring, she’ll know there’s no chance at having her normal life now. I went over Sean’s house to try and make it worse for her. I walked in and saw her there. But something changed. I saw a girl with a perfect face that made me feel hopeful, then i saw a girl who filled me with hate and embarrassment, then i saw her, completely reborn, but not like the rebirths on TV. Where someone loses a job or something and comes back as a new awesome person. Instead she was no longer the Eve i knew, she was......depression, pure and simple. It was a different person sitting there. I didn’t know what to do, so I ran.



When she saw him, and he ran, all she could do was cry. If i handle this wrong, i lose the bet, i already have Aron where i wanted him to be all along. As long as she lives, I’ve won. “you need to go home, i’m not trying to get rid of you, but you need to talk to your parents. They may be mad at you, but they are your parents, they love you and they will help you. But if they don’t i want you right back here. Got it?” she left and went home. She ended up moving less than a week later. She was alive, on the outside at-least. I went to see Aron after she left to see if my plan worked.



She was gone, i.....i really hurt her. And i knew i was hurting her to. Why the hell didn’t i stop, why didn’t anyone stop me. I’ve always been the good guy trying my best to help people. And one person, one angry outburst, could turn me into.....into a monster. I guess this is the kind of thing the pastor always warned me about. I....I’m evil. I have real evil within me. For the love of god I slashed a girl with a knife.



It worked, he’s hurt, confused, and malleable. This will hopefully put an end to his god loving nonsense. It really has gotten annoying as fuck. The plan worked perfectly, he lost himself in anger and vengeance, and realized he put his full energy into trying to end the life of a woman he loved. Not only is he now capable of evil, but his confidence is shot. He is capable of anything. Anything i tell him to do.



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