Fixed up for loss

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What I've wanted to convey for a while but not until recent events did I know how to write it.

Something repetitive, love related and can drive you crazy.

Submitted: December 21, 2011

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Submitted: December 21, 2011



Worst part is I can think of it without feeling bad about it.

I dunno if you're saying you take back what you said, 

But the underlying message is, "you've done it again."


That's your history repeating itself in different dilemmas 

The same mistake you try to get away from re-occurs again

And again oblivious to the harm thereafter.

Sometimes you know its comming but its irrisistable.


The mood their reaction consumed you 

One moment of giving in makes you give up

After the realisation of your actions 

You wish so depsperatly to take back.


The fun changes and its all psycological

Its all in your head but the perspective

The wrong doing in something that felt right

And knowing what's done is done.


It leaves you frustrated and breaks you down

That you start punishing yourself for letting it get that far.

Don't break away if you know what you want

And you know what is right then do it

But don't self destruct.


Everyone doesn't need encouragement in areas they feel vulnerable in

Because doing so will make them fall in their everlasting trap

Until someone else wakes them up.


Its hard to break such a cycle on your own

The fight to see reality for what it is, and not a fairy tale

Is such a hard thing to iron out. 

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