The Tree Of Sorrow

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Originally written on Friday 23rd January 2009
There isn't another poem quite like this one that I've written.

Submitted: November 30, 2011

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Submitted: November 30, 2011



It's always cold this time of spring

The sun glancing shadows by its shines

And the trees haven't started blossoming

I only see the branches outlines


When distracted I start thinking

As the suns rays caught my eyes

"That tree's like me" incomplete

The winter hasn't said its byes


The rain washed over the trees loneliness

That lingers from last night

The wind comes howling

That tree shows bleakness

Then my mind took it by surprise


As I listened a bird flew past me

Perched itself on the damp tree

I found a dry bench to sit on

Then I stared intensely 


As I looked at the trees company

The bird had freedom except the tree

I listened to the birds song

that was comfort in the silence for me


Although as it seems the tree is sad

The suns out on a worn day

With so many clouds the weather isn't bad

But the carry of doubt by the grey


The bird jumped and flew down swiftly 

To the earth noticing the trees roots

Where at the surface of the mud it could see

A worm wriggling and grabbed it by its beak


As the sun had dulls the sky

I stood up and walked on by

Saying "that tree will still be alive

longer than me" I sighed.

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