Thoughts: The Irony in the word EMO

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my random thoughts (rant) on the word emo...PG because I used some swear words... IT'S REALLY RANDOM, i was just suddenly inspired by one of Jared Leto's blog posts. But please feel free to give feed backs

Submitted: June 14, 2010

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Submitted: June 14, 2010



Now before you begin to think, "Oh great. Another stupid post about some god damn kids that dress in black, cuts themselves, and all they ever seems to do is mop around feeling sorry for themselves...:"


That's actually not true, and just goes to show how ignorant people are. How ironic it is. How the word emo is really just the short form of emotional, originated form the word emotions. And that as human beings, if there a slight bit of humanity in you..well you're emo.


Because when it comes down to it, our lives revolves around emotions, feelings, and needs.

So next time, don't just go around and stereotype another person, calling them emo...because everyone is emo. It's really just the short form of emotion. Something we all have...

Yet it's kind of odd.. I don't mean the word "emo" is odd, I meant stereotyping is ironic. I mean we catagorize people...wheather you actually do or just think it, we stereotype everyone and anyone. It's hard to not be stereotypicial. But what's really ironic about this. It's how we react to it.

A lot of times, for me at least. I'd like to think of myself as a "watcher". Like I don't catagorize people and that I'm not really in any label. But when you come down to think about it, everyone is labelled in some way or another. And if we aren't labelled, catagorized, whatever....we feel well, excluded and sad. If you have also experienced this mix of emotions; this just means that you're emo; emotional.

Emo; It's not really a "label" of people. I mean yeah sure, some people are more emotional than others. But emo is just a element of humanity, nothing more and nothing less.

I mean why does it seem like such a taboo to be labelled as "emo". THAT, or why do some people try so hard to be seen as "emo". What was the cause of the current trend of "emoness"?

There isn't even such a thing. It's just an amplified thought of what "emo culture" should be. And the more people are swayed into this way of defining this term...the power overcomes, and thus the meaning of the word is distorted. As the new "meaning" of the word kicks off, society, which are run by us, only spreads the hype by remodelling, promoting, and merchandizing it. This only creates a bigger gap between other "labels" and distorted words that no longer convey what it means.

But what makes this really ironic is how we try so hard to fit into these labels. Through clothes, styles, attitude, lifestyle, and everythingelse. We tend to try and create this image of ourselves fitting which ever label we want, showing the rest of the world "HEY THIS IS WHO I AM". I'm a g, I'm a jock, I'm a prep, I'm a slut - you name it..

But is that really you? Or just what society makes of you? Who are you? And this goes to everyone. Why is it that we try so hard to label ourselves... Are we products or are we humans?

Oh yes, that's right, the whole social image, status, and how we are being viewed. Yes. Bottomline we are being emo again; see? Funny aint it? Especially for the Girly girls and jocks, how they must have look down upon emos..Oh look I just stereotyped too...But why is it that we give a damn about this shit anyways?

That's right because we care about our image. We want what our heart desires. So we let our emotions take over and do what we have to to fit in whatever our heart tells us to. We need a sense of identity, we need the feeling of being accepted, we are humans and we have emotions....

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