The Giver

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The Giver is an amazing novel that I recommend for all readers.

Submitted: May 23, 2013

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Submitted: May 23, 2013



Dystopian society novels are a popular subject amongst readers looking to visit the not so perfect civilizations crafted by the imagination of authors then reading how they fall apart.  The Giver is a particularly genius novel, written by Lois Lowry, winning the John Newbery Medal and several other awards.  The story is told from the view of a rebellious twelve year old boy, Jonas.  When he is given the job to receive all the memories of his community, where the freedom to chose and make decisions has been striped for the unknowing hands of the people, he becomes determined to change it.

At a first glance when reading this book I realized that it was outside of my usual book interest, and being that the first time I had to read it was in eighth I was not to excited to do so.  I have always been drawn to books full of action and adventure, but in this book I found myself intrigued in more of a mental aspect.  Being able to live in the society and experience the thoughts, feelings, and emotions through Jonas as if they were my own gave an incredible experience when reading the book.Lowry writes in this way, pulling readers in even without them realizing it.

The biggest surprise to me in the novel was the realization of “sameness.”  In the beginning of the novel Lowry makes no reference to color, weather, and landscape allowing the readers to paint the image themselves making the community truly perfect and individual to each reader.  In the novel Jonas talks about seeing a change, something that he could not describe in words because it simply didn’t exist in the community.  He saw changes in an apple, his friend’s hair, even seeing changes on people’s faces.  Later he receives the memory of snow and hills and sitting on a red sled.  This is nothing outside of the normal thoughts for the average person, but for Jonas is was all new.  At this point in the novel Lowry finally reveals to the readers that in this community there is no weather, landscape, or color.  The timing and subtleness of Lowry’s revelations in the book are just so perfect that readers will be caught off guard even when they think they know what is going on.

This novel is a great quick read and one of my personal favorites. This is a novel that I always recommend to my friends and anyone else looking for a good book.  Lowry has a writing style that is perfect for readers with an eighth grade reading level or higher.  This novel is interesting enough to entertain a younger crowd, yet has a writing style that will not seem to childish for older readers.  

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