cries of the silent

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a little recap of this year's pain and gain

Submitted: December 31, 2011

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Submitted: December 31, 2011




Walk among the blind

No one can see it

A smiley face they see

I would love to smile


To hide behind a mask

A smile in my face

Sorrow has claimed its place

My cries echo into space


They hear me laugh

All I hear an empty sound

I’ve put up with all this crap

My happiness under strap


No one hears my empty cries

I live with myself whom I despise

Who will help me through?

I hide behind my sorrowful face


I live many lies

I’m sick of this life which I despise

Still my sorrow goes unheard

Heaven rewards those who try


My only blessing

My friends and family

Into the light I can see

Still I’m left behind the mask this time


I’ve felt the pain

What did I gain?

My life behind the mask

 I see the light


Still I fear

If I’m not here

Who will hear your empty cries?

Cut my pride to watch it bleed


My life has been a waste

Of glory I want a taste

My mask helps my friends

I’m sure I won’t be missed


I’m ignore and trampled on

So many use me is this

What I am expendable

People abuse me


Still I smile

Never complain

A great deal of pain

What will I gain?


I’m sick of lies

My empty cries

Still I smile

You see now the mask is part of my face


My unheard cries

I’m sick of lies

Still I’m here

To hear your unheard cries

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