Just a dream?

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Wait wh-- =_= just short story I randomly wrote in May. Please critique and... it's not my best word but most of my work is in Spanish so..yeah

Submitted: October 19, 2013

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Submitted: October 19, 2013



As the telephone rang, I cognizanced a spine chilling stare from outside. My body became full with goosebumps as it every strand of hair tensed up dramatically before my eyes. "W-who's there" I whispered with a frantic tone of voice. The silence dismaying me as I repeated the same question with a much higher level of intensity, "W-WHO'S THERE?!".


The acrid silence took it's place once again, only this time, accompanied by a sentiment of unbearble impatience. I grabbed the nearest weapon and began to search the house along with my trusty side-kick "Phil the flashlight". I inspected every single corner of my house and all I could or did find were some dead rats and a couple of kittens.Almost inmediately after finishing, the light came back on and I was free at last from this night of terror. 

I whistled as I moved the bodies to my truck and drove off to the cementary where I could dig up old, nearly fosiled, bodies and replaced them with these newly fresh butchered bodies.

When I was finished, just a split second ahead; I would always, always smile a cynical smile and lick the surface of my teeth. then, I'd wake up; soaked in sweat and all cleaned up. I wondered everysingle dat if it was all just a continuous nightmare or.. if it was all real..

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