Feelings of an Emo

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Everyone has thoughts and feelings, why can't Emo's? This is for all those who are depressed or facing life issues. Press on!!!

Submitted: June 25, 2010

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Submitted: June 25, 2010



Behind this glistening eyes

A thousand tears have been shed

Behind these smiling lips

Harsh and sad words have been said

Behind the skin and tissue

Is a bleeding heart

Scarred by the pains of life

Behind these cheerful bracelets

Are scars by the pains and depression

Behind the fake laughters

Are quiet sobs and muffled cries

Upon the natural pink there is black

Covering up the natural blonde, brown, or red

In exchange for black

You become a new person

And still you are forgotten

Lost in the absense of nothingA shadow, non-living, cold

You walk down the same hall, street, road

A new appearance

People whisper among each other

You feel worse

More pain, more tears, more words

Who will save us?

Who will b e our friend?

To talk to, to be loved?

Who cansave usfrom the nagging voices

That fill up our minds with thoughts

That will not let us rest!

How are we suppose to carry on?

When everyone is telling us to quiet?

We bleed and bleed

Until we pull the trigger


Slit our wrists


Dark stuff, eh?

You don't know the half of it

We are neglected

We press on

We are stepped on

We press on

We are spat at, tortured and accused

How can we press on?

When the whole world is against

What are we suppose to do?

Just let everyone step on us?

Step on us lke we are nothing?

The gum under a shoe!

Friends are lost, pain is gained

The day is over taken by night

The darkness over our souls

Our will to survive

Who will care?

Who wants to be around us?

Us, the bottom of humanity

Alone and forgotten

Will you care?

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