The Dream Lovers

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A dreamt of story of a girl who meets a mysterious man whom she falls madly in love with at first sight. They encounter unordinary wolves and fight for their lives while finding out new things about each other.

Submitted: March 21, 2013

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Submitted: March 21, 2013



My eyes fling open to the brightness of my room. Is it morning already? The sound of my panting companion beside me, reasures me that it is indeed morning. I do not even remember falling asleep, I remember tossing and turning for quite a bit until I started to count backwards. It must have done the trick if I fell asleep soon after, it also produced quite the dream. The dog starts to whine at my side as I look over at his body on the floor beside the bed. His brown eyes staring at me longingly, waiting for me to get up and let him outside. Heaving myself out of bed, I pull on a t-shirt and a pair of short shorts, before opening the squeaky door of my room. Acknowledging his signal my canine friend bolts out of the room towards the front door. Following him I open the door and feel the cool wind against my skin, while the birds chirp and the sound of traffic is heard in the distance. My furry friend racing off to every tree and sound in the yard.

Returning back to my room, I retrieve my laptop, the sound of it powering up grabs my attention. The affects of what happened during the night still clings to my memory. Even the sounds and emotions are still trapped inside me. This would be one dream I would not want to fade away from memory, to be forever lost. Placing my fingers on the familiar keyboard, I allow my memory to take me once again to that place I was not at long ago...






I remember hearing loud foot steps, more like stomps, down past a few houses. Men were shouting and the ones closest to me tried to act brave, but they still had a flicker of fear in their eyes. They brought me into a room with a table and some chairs. The one window that was in it must have been brokenf or it had wood over it, making it seem almost like a den. The men hid me behind a mirror closet with sliding doors. I sat upon an old work table and some blankets that were in there. The next thing I realize the door is being slammed open, as if a ram headbutted it so hard it exploded into many pieces. More shouting and movement was made before the room went utterly silent. I could sense the creature that was causing all of this was a man. A powerful one at the sounds of it. I continued hide however, behind a blanket trying to act invisible as I heard the mirror door slid open. My heart beated frantically inside my chest as its heavy breath hovered over my hidden body. In a way it almost seemed familiar, not at all as terrifying as I was lead to believe by the fear the men around me shown. The door slid closed again and I remained in hiding in case he came back.


I do not remember what happened much afterwards. He must have yelled something in the room that made me come out of hiding. Im assuming he said he wouldnt hurt the men, but the memory is all foggy and unclear. I was so confused at that point. I stepped out of the closet and beheld the giant man standing with an ivory curved sword held in one hand and a regular metal sword in the other. He wore furs on his large broad shoulders and when he turned to face me, that familiar feeling lurched into my hurt and I was no longer afraid. I do not remember such a man, but I had teh feeling he was my long lost lover. I ran and jumped onto him, wrapping my legs around his waist and hugging him close to my body. He grasped onto me tightly as well and an overwhelming feeling of joy filled my body. As well many desires and hormones screaming at me to let him take me right there and then. I gazed into his face and he into mine. Unfortunately my memory has failed me again for I can't remember what it looked like, but this I do remember. He had a dark brown moustache that went down passed his chin and a beard that matched it.


Before I knew what else was happening he leaned me against the table and kissed me long and hard. His breath hot against mine, but alluring in a strange way. It felt like I had kissed his face many times before, yet it still sent my heart fluttering like a butterfly in spring. His body came close enough to be on top and it did not hurt me as I thought it would. Only made me want him more than ever as the heat between my legs began to increase. Removing his mouth from mine, he helped me off the table and began to lead me out of the room. I looked across the room before we left and to my surprise all the men in the room were dead. Why did I not hear their death cries? Did he kill them or did they shamelessly take their own lives so that they wouldnt reveal my hiding place? Placing me on his steed we began to ride away from the village and of into the beauty of the twilight ahead.

I do not know how long we rode, but we approached a large fire in a icy frozen area. The fire was blazing hot and very high and large. It was pitch black outside and I was getting a little chilly, seeing as I never brought anything with me when we left. Picking me up in his muscular arms, he huddled me close to his body as he walkd toward a chunk of ice sticking out of the ground. He placed me near the fire, the flames instantly warming me up as he sat down beside me, wrapping his animal skin robe around my arms. Brushing my hair away from my face he bent down and kissed me and the own fire in my heart began to swell high inside me as well as the heat between my legs, begging him to touch and become one with me. The feeling of his cool skin on mine felt like heaven. I do not know why men feared him, he was so kind and gentle, not at all frightening.


As we were about to indulge in our desires a howl from a wolf not far away is heard. Too close perhaps. His face went serious as he notices the fire surprisingly had gone down terribly from its high and vast form to a small child like fire beside us. Did I do that? My powers are still growing and I have yet to perfect my control of them, but I doubt that my emotions could have put it out so quickly. The man beside me got up and reached for his metal sword in the saddle bag. As he pulled it out of its sheaf it made that lovely sound of metal brushing past its case, as it reflects of the fire light.

"Get down and stay low" he tells me.

I do as I'm told and get low near the tall ice that is close to the fire. Already it is going down lower to almost nothing, but a small flicker. I take off my shirt revealing my undergarment to bring the fire back to life. For some reason there isn't any wood keeping this fire going, nor any other kind of fuel. It is almost like it was magic.


Just as it was starting the catch another wolf cry was heard and as I look up I saw three wolves coming across the fire towards us. I was waiting for the fear to catch ahold of me and lock me into a frozen and helpless state, but I recieved nothing. The man swong his sword from side to side in a practiced motion before it came crashing down on one of the wolves' skull. I hear a small growl behind me and the hairs on my neck stand on end. Glancing behind I see the canine up close. White teeth glistening against the snow and eyes full of rage. I scramble away and towards the fire, barely escaping a quick snap to my head, his warm breath was felt on the back of my neck, as I stay hunched near the fire. I do not know what posessed me next, whether it was my own powers or adrenaline that gave me the strength. For the wolf made another attempt to snap at me as he leapt in my direction, but, somehow, I grabbed ahold of him by the neck, picked him off the ground before pushing him down to the ground with my weight. He made a small whimper as my hands made their way to the front of his mouth. One hand held his upper jaw the other the lower. And with a great battle cry I broke the beast's jaw and down he fell, lifeless. My hands were covered in a wet sticky blood...the wolf's blood. They did not shake or quiver, they held still as my eyes fixated on them to the dead dog at my feet, mind still trying to accept what my small frame just accomplished.


Looking over my shoulder I see the man, cutting down wolf after wolf, his bravery shown in his face as he landed another canine to its doom. Glancing over at me, his eyes still held concern, but gladness that I was alright. A give him a small smile and out of the corner of my eye a see another wolf, much larger than the others stand on a block of ice not far from his head. I shout loudly to warn him, panic hitting my chest. Just as he turned to face the demon it lunged at him. They both fell to the ground with a loud thud, the snow around them flying up and encasing them, before settling back to the frozen ground. Neither of them made any sign of movement. At that moment the fear that had so far left me alone, grasped my body and heart tightly in one big fist. I tried to squirm away from it, but it kept catching in my throat and suffocating me. It felt like I was running in slow motion, but I finally made it to his side. I pushed with all my might to get that wolf off of him, regardless of the fact I could have used my powers, I let the natural adrenaline in my body help push the beast off of him. Tears were sliding down my cheeks and a lump continued to rise in my throat, making breathing very difficult as the dark fear tried to place pictures into my head.


Regardless I finally push the beast off and with another thud he fell next to the man. Making my way to his face, he begins to sit up. Looking around with half open eyes, he tried to scan over his surroundings until he stumbled over my own face near his. The serious and bravery melteed away as it replaces with a grin, putting a hand on my flushed cheak and placing his forehead against mine. We are safe and still together.

This moment did not last long, for another wolf cry was heard and we knew what was going to happen next. "Go back to the fire and I will cover you" He says frankly.

Nodding, I go back to the fire and crunch up next to the icy wall. The cold never really bothered me until now, and just as another wolf howled into the night he came toward me rather steathly and wrapped me in his big embrace, cloak hiding me in darkness, giving me the warmth my body desired. The fire had grown larger again since we battled the first group that attacked us and would have driven off any other pack of wild animals, but something was different about these wolves. It was like they weren't ordinary wild animals.


Growls and snarls are heard around us as we stay deathly quiet. I heard some of them sniff the ground and around us, but none took a bite or lunge. It was like we were invisible to them. That didn't last for long, a menacing growl and a bite later the man protecting me cries out in pain as he forces himselt to stay on top of me, as if my safety was more important. More wolves joined in by the sounds of his cries and the way his body winced in many directions. It was tormenting to hear it all! That sense of fear for his life begins to swell inside me and more now then ever do I feel fear grasping my shoulders and whispering words into my ear. But I won't let it. I can't!

The man is now ripped away from me and I scream, trying to reach out for him. Our fingers brush passed each other as he is being dragged away from me. Another feeling overcomes my body, but it is not fear who is with me. It is anger. The channels of my powers start to explode inside of me, I stand up from my crouched position on the ground, my arms held close to my chest as if trying to supress the power inside of me. My whole body is vibrating as the power continues to grow more and more. I don't even think my feet are on the ground anymore, but that is unimportant.

"Let him go!"

The words are pushed out of my body and towards the group of devils around the man. They quit nipping at him and start to snarl at me.

"Let him go...!" And with those final words the power within me bursted and just before I fade away into unconsciousness the whole world is filled with white light, and all the beasts within it turn to ash.



And just like that, here I am. Awaken from that adventure, unknowing if I was that girl who was in love with that mysterious man. Was I really her or was I looking through her eyes of what was happening. As my fingers type the remaining words to my dream I cannot help, but wonder all these questions. Or if tonight even, will continue with what will happen next to these two lovers. I can only hope and wait to dream.

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